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Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife–Page from the Vienna Genesis: Early Christian

Court of Theodora: Byzantine

Christ as the Good Shepherd: Early Christian

Good Shepherd: Early Christian

Moses Giving Water to the Twelve Tribes of Israel: Jewish
Page from the Kairouan Manuscript of the Koran: Islamic
Dome in the Great Mosque, Córdoba: Islamic
Sutton Hoo Purse Cover: Early Middle Ages
Page from the Book of Kells: Early Middle Ages
Celtic Cross Ireland: Early Middle Ages

Four Evangelists: Early Christian

Bishop Odo, Bayeux Tapestry: Romanesque
Campanile of Pisa Cathedral: Romaneque

Durham Cathedral: Romanesque

Initial L and St. Matthew: Romanesque

Last Judgment: Romanesque

Sainte-Foy: Romanesque

Carpenter’s Guild Window, Chartres Cathedral: Gothic
Chartres Cathedral: Gothic
Vierge dorée, Amiens Cathedral: Gothic
Nave, Reims Cathedral: Gothic
Illumination from the Life of Saint Denis: Gothic
Nave, Sainte-Chapelle: Gothic