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What type of pipe is used on gas pipe?
Black pipe
What should be used on the gas pipe fittings to prevent leaks?
Piping compound
What are three components that must be installed in the gas pipe before hooking into the gas valve?
1. Union
2. Drip leg
3. Shut–off

What is the purpose of a drip leg on the gas line?
Prevents debris and moisture from entering gas valve
How long and how much pressure should be held in the gas pipe to make sure they are not leaking?
3 psig for 10 min
If a gas line is sized too small, this will create a _______ ____ to the gas valve.
Pressure drop
What type of pipe should be used to run flues?
Why should running flues horizontally be avoided?
Condensation build up
How much of a rise should be in flue pipe run horizontally?
1/4 inch per foot
When a B type pipe goes through a ceiling or floor how much clearance should the pipe have between it and combustible materials?
1 to 3 inches
Single wall pipe should have ______ clearance from combustible material.
6 inch
When hooking two flues to a common flue, is the smaller flue hooked in above or below the bigger flue?
Should a connector vent be placed as high or as low on the common vent as possible?
What are the names of the PVC pipes that are used for the high efficiency flue?
Intake and Exhast
Why must a mid–efficient furnace in a confined furnace room be vented?
Where should the two vents be located in a furnace room to provide proper venting?
Floor and Ceiling
What must be used to properly charge a central air conditioner?
Charging chart
Where will the charging chart be located on a central air conditioner?
On back or cover of control panel
What method is used with the charging chart to charge a system with a fixed orifice?
What method is used with a TXV valve?
What are the design temperatures and humidity used on central air conditioners?
75 Degrees and 50%
When checking a charge it is found that the actually super–heat is 8 ํ lower than what the charging chart recommends, would refrigerant be added or removed?
What does it mean to balance the duct system?
Stop uneven Temps and have proper C.F.M.s
How is the duct system adjusted to get the proper air flow to the rooms?