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Associated with immune response an the body's defense against infection


what type of fish poisoning is caused by eating the flesh of a fish that has eaten a toxin producing microorganism?

Ciguatera poisoning

what are two types of rations designed to accommadate military personnel in a wide variety of operations, in widely varied settings, for limited periods?

operational and restricted

the enemy along with what else are two forms of threats that health service supports focus on?

enemy and parasites

how often do command safety councils convene to develop recommendations for policy on safetly matters to analyze the progress of the overall safety program?


at the end of the second quarter, what is done with the funds that have not been obligated in the previous quarter?

the funds are carried over to the next quarter

up to how many days is the incubation period of the Epizootic VEE virus?

15 days

how many months do medical home port clinics have to recieve NCQA level 2 recognition after acheiving NCQA level 1 recognition?

6 months

what is the maximum amount of times that a utensil may be used for tasting during food prep?

1 time

minimum number of hours needed for training: food safety, general sanitation, and basic vegetable preparation?

4 hours of training

how often are medical department enlisted personnel training quotas reviewed to ensure the billet revisions authorized by the CNO are properly reflected in the training plan?


alpha and beta particles, gamma rays, along with what else are the different types of nuclear radiation neutrons

neutron particles

what in the urine always indicates some form of kidney disorder and should always be reported?


What are urninary casts?

Urinary casts are tiny tube-shaped particles that can be found when urine is examined under the microscope during a test called urinalysis.

Urinary casts may be made up of white blood cells, red blood cells, kidney cells, or substances such as protein or fat. The content of a cast can tell your health care provider whether your urine is healthy or abnormal.

how many liters of saliva per day do salivary glands produce, aiding in the digestion of food?

1.7 liters daily

how often should electric motors, refrigeration compressors, controls, and other areas of food service equipment that is not normally accessed by food employees be cleaned?


what types of medications facilitate the passage and elimination of feces from the colon and rectum


two or more live virus vaccines must be administered simultaneously or seperated by at least how many days?

28 days

which warrent officer rank is identified by one 1/2 inch stripe with one break, centered on the outer face of the sleeve?


what is an inherited disease characterized by delayed clotting of the blood and consequent difficulty in controlling hemorrhage?


unscented bleach products or sodium hypochlorite rated at what strength may be used for chemical wash and disinfection of fruits and vegetables?

5% to 6%

what examination reveals the presence of interproximal caries, pertain pulp conditions, overhanging restorations, improperly fitting crowns, recurrent caries beneath restorations, and resorption of the alveolar bone?

interproximal examination

what are used to gather information and to implement treatment goals?

collateral visits

what size are the fireplugs in the fire hose stations aboard ships larger than frigates?


at least how often should vaccine storage alarms be tested?`


how often are ovums typically released by ovaries?

56 days

what grade should the rater be for E5 and E6 personnel whenever possible?


what type of services offer basic pre-hospital trauma life support to include paramedic emergengy care, initial resuscitative and fluid therapy, and cardiac support?

emergent care

what is the prescribed method for rodent control?


in what year did the WHO declare the global eradication of naturally occurring smallpox?


what is a thin layer of compact bone which is a specialized continuation of the cortical plate that forms the tooth socket?

alveolar bone proper

how many classifications of national cemeteries are there?


at what temperature of lower should frozen vaccines be stored?

5 degrees F

how many days at minimum should plans be submitted for temporary food establishments prior to the scheduled start date of operations?

14 days

what are primarily used to remove debris from tooth cavities?

spoon excavator

what part of the prescription gives the directions for the patient?


what is the process by which urine is expelled by the bladder called?


nuerologic complications of Q fever aseptic meningitis or encephalitis in approximately what percent of cases?


what type of record consists of original healthcare documentation withheld from a patient's primary health record or Orec?

ancillary record

what is a severe allergic reaction to a foreign material?

anaphylactic shock

what role of medical treatment provides advanced trauma management and emergency medical treatment?

role 2

what contains all the dental care documentation provided during a member's career?


what molars are called "wisdom teeth" because the erupt when the young adult is passing into adulthood?


what is the study that uses medications in the treatment of diseases?


compared to gamma rays, neutrons can cause how many more times greater damage to tissue?

20 times more damage

what year was the QA program originally issued to standardize QA activities within navel medical command MTF?


what program provides professional mortuary services, supplies, and related services incident to the care and disposition of remains of a person eligible for these services?

current death program

what form is used to requisition material that cannot be identified by an NSN?

DD form 1348-6

what series provides the operation policy for installation drinking water systems?

opnavinst 5090.1

what act as taste buds and provides toungue with friction for handling food?


what is the act of obtaining materials or services refered to as?


what tissue consists of a meshwork of thin fibers that interlace in all directions, giving the tissue both elasticity and tensile strength?

areolar tissue

what program ensures that commands dont wait for discriminatory incidents to occur before taking corrective action?


command managed equal oppurtunity

within how many days of checking into a new permanent duy station must all personnel attend an NR&R workshop?

90 days

how often at a minimum must water from a public water system be sampled and tested?


which commissioning program was specifically intended to provide an advancement pathway to a commissioned status in the nurse corps


bumedinst 6230.15 B

immunizations and chemoprophylaxis for the prevention of infectious disease