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When was the "protection era"?


What happened during the protection era in terms of protection through regulated co-existance? 4

- english gov pressured by aboriginal protection society for peaceful colonisation & recognise aboriginal needs

- gov phillip to protect 'natives' & gradually assimilate

- "Aboriginal protectors" appointed by uninformed

-aboriginals soon become fringe dwellers living in poverty, but with active resistance

What happened during the protection era in terms of protection through segregation? 5

- missions and reserved developed

- curfews for aboriginals accessing towns

- forced to go to missions for food

- languages disallowed

- native police set up

When was the white Aus policy and what was it also called?


Also known as the immigration restriction act

What did the white aus policy consist of?

What was the aim?

what did it prevent?

- a number of laws

-aim: to stop non-europeans entering

- prevented aboriginal soldiers from returning from the boer war in sth africa

When was the assimilation policy?


What was the assimilation policy based on?

scientific research to prove white intellectual superiority and progression of civilisation versus 'nobel savages' who would die out

What did the assimilation policy involve? 2

- removal of infants without maternal consent

- segregation of 'full bloods' from 'half-castes' (breed out colour)

When was the integration policy?


who arose in integration policy?

aboriginal heroes arise in science, music, sport

What are examples of aboriginal resistance in integration policy? 2

freedom ride occurs (1965s)

tent embassy

What did politicians do during integration policy? 2

become vocal about atrocities to aboriginals

public awareness was raised

What happened in 1967?

Australian referendum for:

aboriginal inclusion in census data

federal gov to legislate in aboriginal matters

When was the self-determination policy introduced and who was it lead by?

1970s +

Gough Whitlam PM

What did the self-determination policy involve? 4

- involved aboriginals in developing gov policies

- land rights policy

- aboriginals included in public service and boards

- formation of orgs to determine aboriginal affairs

What are examples of the organisations formed during self-determination policy? 3

- aboriginal and torres straight islander commission

- national aboriginal consultative committee

- national aboriginal conference

What happened during reconciliation? 3. What year?


- royal commission findings on deaths in custody

- stolen generation

- council for aboriginal reconciliation

What happened during the liberal coalition gov of 1996-2007? 5

- Australian reports on deaths in custody & stolen generation

- united nations declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples

- native title determinations

- northern teritory determinations

-northern teritory emergency response

What happened during 2007-2013 with the labor coalition gov? 5

- apology 13th feb 2008

- closing the gap

- carbon tax reform attempt

- national congress of 1st peoples

- australian constitution reform (recognition bill 2012)


What did Herbert Spencer bring to the racism debate?

Survival of the fittest

What is an example of contemporary colonialism?

Northern Territory Intervention

What is cultural violence?

Those aspects of culture that can be used to justify and legitimise direct or structural violence.

What do aboriginals face, in regards to cultural violence? 3




What does dispossession, dislocation and discrimination explain in regards to aboriginal health issues?

Explains major problems with high-risk behaviours that lead to poor health, high stress levels and mistrust and unwillingness to access health services.

What is institutional racism?

“refers to the ways in which racist beliefs or values have been built into the operations of social institutions in such a way as to discriminate against, control and oppress various minority groups.”

What does the 1975 discrimination act cover?

“It is unlawful for a person to do any act involving a distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of any human right or fundamental freedom in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life.”

When was the RD act of 1975 updated and why?


3 Major national inquiries found a strong link between racist conduct in public and racially motivated violence.

What was the exact update of the 1995 RD act amendment?

– Cannot offend, insult or humiliate a personbased on the colour of their skin or their cultural background.

What was the Northern Territory Intervention and example of, and what year was this?


Example of contemporary colonialism

What did the 2007 NT intervention include? 4

-income management imposed

-little children are sacred report released - protect aboriginal children in terms of education, employment etc

- prohibition of alcohol

- parliament to take aboriginal lands