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loose interpretation

to use the "necessary and proper" (elastic clause) to justify whatever Congress wanted to do

strict interpretation

belief that government can only do those things that are clearly stated in the Constitution

national debt

money owed by the government

political party

a group of people with similar ideas about government who join together to influence government and elect candidates


income a government collects to cover expenses


a tax on imported goods

states rights

idea that says states had the right to judge when the federal government had passed an unconstitutional law

Whiskey Rebellion

an early protest against the new governments taxes; used as a show of the new governments power to enforce its laws

foreign policy

how a government responds to or makes decisions about other countries


Political party led by Alexander Hamilton which believed in a strong national government and an economy based on industry.


Political party led by Thomas Jefferson which believed in strong state governments and an economy based on agriculture

Federal Judiciary Act of 1789

The law that created a court system and divided the authority between the state and federal courts

Farewell Address

the speech the president gives when leaving Office


Heads of the departments that help the president lead the nation


not siding with one country or the other in a disagreement