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what first accomplished Juanita E. Jackson?
she was the first woman admitted to practice law in marytland , and through her legal cases help destroy segregation
Many thought it should provoke additional research and thought only, but stay away from political issues
Many intellectuals thought that they might improve race relations
What is significant about 1936 pres election?
blacks went for democrats
Not part of WPA?
Giving food to hungry blacks and whites
What industry saw black women group up?
Were jobs located in tobacco industry?
all allocated to race and gender. Left black women with tedious jobs
Scottsborro boys have?
2 white women falsely accuse 9 blacks.
blacks attracted to communist party 1930's?
communist worked against unemployment and racism
What role did Jones family play?
provide blueprints for how blacks should live and expose the black life
Amos and Andy teach America about blacks?
it was acceptable to laugh at blacks
Hattie Mc. Daniel
She was the fist AA to win an Oscar.
why did Japenese bomb pearl harbor?
they were trying to assert control over asia, and force
What was Abraham Lincoln Battalion
a group a of AA were sent to fight Spanish civil war against france.
What was Double V camp?
A slogan adopted by African Americans
who organized march Washington movement?
Philip Randolph
March on Washington movement ment for?
stop discriminating against blacks in wartime
Executive order # 8022 do?
technically ended discrimination by race in defense industry employment
1925 American war college found?
all of the above
Dorie Miller's actions during Pearl Harbor?
Miller was awarded The navy cross for heroism, but was immediately return to mess duty
how many bomber groups respond to the Tuskegee airman?
they were very supportive , often requesting the group to fly with them
What sparked the Detroit race riot 1943?
all of these answers are correct
1940s young prolific writer?
Richard Wright
What is not true of Oscar De Priest
he was the first black democrat ever to sit congress
not of member of roosevelts black cabinet?
Harold L Ickes
Ben O. Davis
the first black man to attain the rank of brigadier general in Americas armed forces.
24th amendment
this amendment outlawed the requirement of the poll tax, as a means of disenfranchising negroes in federal elections
Thurgood Marshalls
first black appointed us supreme court judge
"sit ins"
youth used this tactic
Alan Bakke
1978 the U.S. Supreme court acts on the board of regents of the university of California vs. Alan Bakke
AA failed to condemn fascist
Wide spread job discrimination was ended by Fair employment
Selective Service Act of 1940
Black and white officers was trained in different officer schools
President Truman contributes to the creation of climate in which the status of blacks was officially
136000 blacks went to college in 1960 to 1300000 in 1990's
President Johnson pushed the 1964 civil rights act 1965 voting act through congress