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What was the whitehouse originally made out of?
The whitehouse was painted white because it was Scorched\Burned in what war?
The war of 1812
what was the name of the frigate fired on by a British ship?
The Chesapeake
What was the name of the British ship that fired on the Chesapeake?
The Leopard
Who called America an insignifigant and puny power?
The U.S. law that stopped American ships from sailing to foreign ports was called the _____
Embargo Act
How did the Embargo act hurt America?
It ruined commerce, wasted food, and let ships sit in harbor and rot.
The Americans on the frontier wanted to go to war so they could take control of what?
Adams most succesful appointment to the supreme court was who?
John Marshell
The supreme court passed a law that allowed them to declare laws created by congress unconstitutional. This law was called what?
The Judicial act
The taking of American sailors back to britain by British soldiers was called what?
Who sold the Luisiana purchase?
Who was Jeffersons secretary of treasury?
Albert Galiton
Who explored the rocky mountains?
Who blamed Hamilton for his defeat?