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What is the term which describes health-care workers and institutions that make health-care services available to those who want or need them?
Health-Care Providers
What do the initials HMO stand for?
Health Maintenance Organization
What term describes methods designed to control the quality of health care as well as the cost of health care?
health-care regulation
What are the two major categories of ownership within the health-care system?
government and private
What term is used to denote "short-term' illness?
What federal program provides hospital and medical insurance protection for people over sixty-five years of age?
What federal and state program provides medical assistance for persons receiving public assistance?
What is the patient classification system set up by Medicare designed to help contain the cost of health care and reduce the burden on Medicare financing?
Diagnosis Related Groups
What person in the health care setting has the responsibility to recruit and interview applicants who wish to fill a position within his/her institution?
Director of Human Resources
A health care program for patients who are terminally ill is called what?
What health care employee is the business manager who supervises the business office and is responsible for the hospital finances?
What role does the medical transcriptionist play in the health care setting?
types medical dictation
What type of planning includes nursing home placement, home care planning, transportation, referrals to community resources and follow-up?
discharge planning
What are expenses incurred by hospitals in the treatment of patients?
hospital costs
What is the term for the twenty-four hour period of time during which hospital services are provided to a hospitalized patient?
hospital day
What outside influence has contributed to increased hospital costs such as increased wages, cost of supplies, and replacement of obsolete equipment?
What two major groups in society are most likely to have poor health?
(any order)
elderly, poor
Name three external funding sources used to help finance hospitals.
(Any order) private grants, government grants
long-term commercial borrowing
How are hospitals classified?
control of ownership and type of services rendered
What type of hospitals are controlled by the federal government?
(any order) Military, U.S. Public service
Veterans administration
What type of hospital operates for a profit?
Name the most common agency which provides evaluation and inspection of health care facilities.
Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations
Name the founder of the hospice movement.
Cicely Saunders, M.D.
When did Congress approve coverage of hospice services under Medicare?
When was the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare established?
What is the current name of the previously established U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare?
Department of Health and Human Services
What federal program offers veterans certain medical care for a limited time following discharge from military service?
Veterans administration
What type of review deals with the evaluation of professional practice of an individual by practicing members of the same profession?
peer review
What type of review deals with the evaluation of patterns of health care provided to patients in a specific health care agency?
agency review
Which branch of the U.S. Public Health Services provides health care to Native Americans on the reservations?
Project Hope
What type of health care promotes good health and early diagnosis and prevention of disease through services provided by various members of the health care team?
Primary Health Care
What type of health care consists of the diagnosis and treatment that comes after a patient enters the health-care system?
High School Health Care
What type of care involves rehabilitation and restoration of an individual to maximum functioning potential following an acute illness?
Tertiary care