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Citrus fruit is recommended for the daily intake of what vitamin?
One grain equals how many mg?
Five hundred mg equals how many grams?
Thirty minims equals how many milliliters?
How many ounces equals one cup?
How many tablespoons of liquid equals 2 ounces?
You have available vials of a substance labeled 75 mg in 1.5 ml. The order reads to give 60 mg. How many ml should you administer?
1.2 ml
What is an injury resulting in an over stretching of muscles called?
a strain
What is a displacement of a bone end from a joint?
If Aspirin comes labeled 5 gr/tab and you want to take 600 mg. How many tablets would you take?
Baby A grows 3/8 inch in length in January and grows 7/16 in February. How many total inches did the baby grow?
A medical assistant fills a storage cabinet with 14 bottles of dextrose. Each bottle is filled with 16 2/3 ounces of the solution. How many ounces of this solution are in the cabinet?
233 1/3 oz
The $125,000 supply budget for maintenance contracts must be reduced by 1/10. How much money will be left in the budget?
If 1.5 grams of a drug are administered B.I.D. to each of 12 patients, how many grams of the drug will be used in 30 days?
1080 g
If flu shots cost a clinic $0.50 and the clinic charges $5.00 per flu shot, what is the gross profit for a clinic that administers 178 flu shots?
A weight-loss clinic records the following weight losses for the following patients:
A lost 2.938 kilograms
B lost 3.891 kilograms
C lost 1.216 kilograms
D lost 0.112 kilograms
What was the average weight loss? (take answer out to 3 places after decimal point)
2.039 kg
If 500 gowns are needed in each of 8 examination rooms and the available supply is 2938, how many more gowns need to be ordered?
The following graph reads:
water glass = 240 cc
small bowl = 120 cc
juice glass = 100 cc
In an eight hour shift, a patient on
I & 0 drank 3 glasses of water, one small bowl of broth, and one juice glass of apple juice. What was his total intake for the shift?
940 cc
Who originated the use of carbolic acid on wounds to kill microorganisms and prevent infection?
Joseph Lister
Who discovered X-rays?
Wilhelm Roentgen
Who invented the microscope and established that there was life smaller than the eye could see.
Anton von Leeuwenhoek
Who discovered that microorganisms were everywhere and invented the process of pasteurization?
Louis Pasteur
Who is known as the "father of microbiology"?
Robert Koch
About the 5th century, a Greek physician wrote a code of ethics for medical practice. Who was he?
Who is the founder of modern nursing?
Florence Nightingale