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What is the legal term for an oral invetigation done under oath and taken in writing?
Name the four elements of a malpractice case which must be proven by the plaintiff in order for a case to exist.
(any order) duty owed, breach of duty, damage, cause and effect
What type of negligence exists when a patient, through his/her own actions, contributes to his/her own injury?
contributory negligence
whenever a health care provider adds an entry to the patient's record at a later time what should precede the entry?
Teh words "late entry"
Name the two types of malpractice insurance
claims made, occurrence
What title is given health care providers who are unable to function effectively because of some type of substance abuse?
chemically impaired
Deliberately bringing about the death of a person who is suffering from an incurable disease or condition by administering a lethal drug is called:
active euthanasia
The Patient's Bill of Rights was developed by what organization?
American Hospital Association
Rules and Regulations regarding patient care procedures can be found in the facility's ____________?
Policy Manual
Who speaks for the patients that cannot speak for themselves and are therefore unable to report abuse?
an advocate
What is the federal program that exists to assure the rights of the elderly?
Ombudsman Reconciliation Act
Irreversible cessation of all functions of the entire brain, including the brain stem is known as?
brain death
A review of the appropriateness of care and the various types of patient care provided within an institution is called?
utilization review
Agencies such as insurance companies or governmental programs that are caled upon to pay for heatlh care services are called?
third-party payers
A signed agreement between two or more parties which creates obligations that must be met by all involved is called?
Employers refer to this agency to ensure competency and avoid hiring individuals that the state has found guilty of abuse, neglect or misappropriation of property
state registry
What does a person have who does not have the legal capacity to form a contract?
a legal disability
How are health care records destroyed after the legal time for retention?
burned or shredded
If any error occurs or you make a mistake, what is the proper course of action for your to follow?
report it immediately to your supervisor
What are the letters of the legislation created to protect the right of the elderly?
What is referred to as guides to moral behavior?
Ethical standards
What is defined as your own personal values?
What is defined as behavior related to a pattern of conduct or idease that are accepted as worthwhile or meaningful?
value system
What articulates the values that outline the scope of a profession's practice?
Code of Ethics
Abuse which involves confining a person to a specific area away from others is called:
involuntary seclusion
Services given in a manner appropraite to one's level of education and experience is called:
reasonable care
A wrongful or illegal act of civil law not involving a contract is called a:
What kind of laws are written by a body of legislators?
statutory law
A person who files a lawsuit initiating a legal action is called the:
The party that is named in a plaintiff's complaint is called the:
Laws regarding relationshiops between individuals are called:
Civil Laws
Laws concerned with offenses against the public and society in general are known as:
Criminal Laws