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What does the circulatory system do? 3

Brings food and oxygen to body cells and removes waste from cells.

The body's transportation system.

Includes the heart, blood,and blood vessels.

What are tubes that carry blood through the body?

Blood vessels

What are the parts of the blood and their functions? 1. Plasma______________ 4

1. Plasma

Carries the cells wastes away.

Provides water to the cells.

Moves some chemicals, such adrenaline from onebody part to another.

Plasma carries growth hormone from the brain to where it is needed in the body.

Parts of the blood and their functions. 2. Red Blood Cells _______________ 2

2. Red Blood Cells

Carry oxygen to the cells.

Bright red when carrying oxygen and dark red after they give oxygen to the cells. Blood is never blue.

3. White blood cells. 3

3. White Blood Cells

Protects the body against germs and other harmful substances.

You have more white blood cells when your body needs to fight infection

Different sizes and shapes.

4. Platelets . 2

Pieces of cells that float in your blood.

Clump together and form a blood clot to stop bleeding when a blood vessel is cut.

If you fall and scrape your knee, white blood cells and platelets would work together to protect you. Explain how they do this.
The white blood cells would attack germs that enter your body through your skin and the platelets would form a blood clot at the wound site to stop the bleeding.
There are 3 types of blood vessels.
arteries, veins, and capillaries
Carries blood with lots of oxygen away from the heart to the lungs and to the rest of the body.

smallest blood vessels, walls are 1 cell thick, connect arteries with veins, oxygen moved from the blood in this vessel to the cells, CO2 and wastes go from the cells into here.
What breaks down food so that nutrients can enter the blood and reach the body's cells?
Digestive System
What is a tube that carries food to your stomach?
Digestion begins in the _________.


_______breaks down your food and your _________cut and grind the food.
saliva, teeth
what cleans the blood?
urinary system
what are organs that remove wastes from the blood?
What's function is to exchange gases between the outside air and the blood?
respiratory system
what is the thick, sticky fluid that lines your respiratory system?
what is the tube that carries air from the larynx to the lungs?
what are air sacs in the lungs?

Two things happen in the alveoli (air sacs) at the same time. _________ leaves the ________and enters the _________.

_________ leaves the ________and enters the lungs.

O2, lungs, blood

CO2, blood, lungs

the amount of air that a person can blow out after a deep breath
vital lung capacity
the __________ & __________ work together to get ________ to the cells and __________ from the cells.
respiratory system, circulatory system, O2, CO2
When you hold your breath, your skin and your brain sends a message to the ________ on the rib muscles telling them to _________ because too much _________ is building up in the blood.
diaphragm, breathe, CO2

What pumps blood?
Heart- Divided into _______sides. Each side works to send blood through the body.
Each side of the heart has an _______(upper part) and a ________(lower part).
atrium, ventricle
The right side of the heart pumps blood to the _________.
It collects blood that has circulated through the body and pumps it to the __________
The blood then flows to the ______ side of the heart where it moves blood through ________ to the body.
left, arteries
The left side of the heart collects_________-rich blood and pumps it through the arteries to the body.
The heart has ________ that keeps blood flowing one-way (in the right direction). _________ act like doors. They keep blood flowing ___________ way.
valves, Valves, one

_____________ in the heart supply the heart with _______, _________, and ________ it needs to keep pumping.
Blood vessels, oxygen, nutrients, water
blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart
smallest part of blood vessel that connects an artery with a vein
blood vessel that carries blood to the heart
flaps that keeps blood flowing into the right direction
dome-shaped muscle that forms the bottom of the chest area
cells that carry oxygen to the cells
red blood cells
help protect the body from germs and other harmful things
white blood cells
pieces of cells that float in the blood that helps stop bleeding by forming clots
sticky fluid that traps dust and germs
tube that carries food to the stomach
system that transports food and oxygen to each cell and takes away the cell's wastes
circulatory system

system that exchanges gases between the outside air and the blood
respiratory system
system that breaks down food so that nutrients can enter the blood and reach the body's cells
digestive system