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climate incluence

diversity and distribution of animals and plants during the mesozoic era

mesozoic time climate

warm and uniform climate

plant life in cretaceous period

appearance and expansion of angiosperm plants

late triassic

dinosaurs appeared and held dominion over all land vertebrates

saurischia dinosaur

plant eating sauropods and flesh eating theropoda. lizard hipped

ornithischia dinosaur

bipedal ornithopod, marginocephalians, and thyreophorans. bird hipped

mesozoic seas

marine reptile predators


aerial reptiles could fly

mammals evolving

triassic, became mammal like reptiles and by cretaceous had changed from mouse size to dog size

mesozoic extinction

major extinction

balance between incoming and outgoing radiation from the sun

incluenced by: configuration of oceans, mountain systems, snow color or vegetation cover, carbon dioxide, continents location, volcanoes, astronomical changes


dominant land predators of mesozoic era


shield beares, armor of plates

evidence there were tiny mammals in mesozoic

differentiation of teeth, single ear bone, whisker pits, articulation of the jaw

thin ocean opening

late jurassic

mid mesozoic

hot and dry climate

mid mesozoic

subduction created island arcs

mid mesozoic replies

flying! swimming! turtles!

mid mesozoic dinosaurs

appear at end of triassic! they are reptiles, warm-bloodedness, legs beneath bodies

Early and Mid mesozoic

first feathered birds! mammals appeared!

late mesozoic

a sea flooded continent

late mesozoic

volcanic activity

late mesozoic

cretaceous life evolved, bone fish! swimming reptiles and turtles ruled! flowering plants!! yay

late mesozoic

dinosaurs reached evolutionary peak. inhavitated almost every environment, roamed plans, pterosaurs soared, larger brains!

late mesozoic extinction

K-T- boundary event, instantaneous change, mass extinction of most species