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Greenland Ice Coast
Glaciers overrun the coast and are in direct contact with the sea. Lots of icebergs. Small percentage of Greenlands coast.
Acadia Coastline
NE US in Maine
Formed by Glaciation over mountain ranges
National Park of lots of Islands (Mount Desert Island)
Hatteras Island
Coast of Norrth Carolina
Barrier Island with lots of shipwrecks and famous lighthouse
Les Pitons
Lesser Antilles, St. Lucia, E Caribbean
Two very steep sided mountains from eroded lava domes.
Lots of forests, reefs, World Heritage Site
Giant's Causeway
North Ireland,
Tightly packed columns of basalt.
Lots of legands about it
Gruniard Bay
Glacial Rebound ( 5 cm per century,
northwest Scotland,
Devon Ria Coast
Drowned river Valley,
southwest England,
Salcombe-Kingsbridge Estuary: very popular for sailing.
White Cliffs of Dover
erosion of chalk,
Cap Blanc Nez is the same formation on the Frech side of the Channel,
Erode very rapidly (in per year)
Cape Creus
erosion of sedimentary rocks, point where the Pryenes meet the mediteranean, NE Spain
Lots of underwater life and diving, inspired Dali
Amalfi Coast
Erosion of limestone,
Just south of Naples Italy
Very steep clifs with lots of caves
Western Algarve
Erosion by waves
Southern Coast of Portugal,
Very popular vacation because of beauty, lots of sea stacks etc. very warm water from Gulf stream
Nile Delta
Deposition of Sediment
Northen Egypt
Much of the Water is blocked by the Aswan Dam
Threatened by sea rise
Skeleton Coast
Wind formed Desert Dunes
NW Nambia
Namib Desert meets the Atlantic
Winds from Atlantic condesnse creating a fog bank
Very dangerous for ships w/ no chance at rescue
Red Sea Coast
Faulting and land sinking
Around the Red Sea (Duh)
Steep escarpments on either side of the sea from movement apart and down.
Lots of Coral Reefs
Tigris-Euphrates Delta
Deposition from rivers (Tigris, Euphrates, and Karun)
Southeastern Iraq
Lots of marshes and alluvial plains, destroyed for oil searching, wars, etc.
Krabi Coast
Drowned eroded limestone
Andaman Sea SW Thailand
Fantastic limestone formations, Karst topography, sea stacks etc.
Hong Kong Harbor
Artifical coast built around natural harbors
SE China, in Hong Kong
Victoria Harbor and Aberdeen Harbor are most frequented
Ha Long Bay
Drowed limestone
Vietnam, east of Hanoi
2000 islands from Karst Topography, many caves inside the island
Coral reefs and good underwater habitat
UNESCO site, danger from mining and development
Huon Peninsula
Uplift of fossilized coral
move upward by 10in per century
Used for climate research
Puget Sound
Glacial carved channels, left lots of mud behind for sedimentary features
Discovered by George Vancouver and Lieutenant Puget
Big Sur
Tectonic Uplift and erosion
SE of San Fran in California
Santa Lucia Mnts. decend into pacific
Lots of earthquakes, very steep cliffs, lots of landslides
Hawaii Lava Coast
Lava flow into the sea
SE coast of the Big Island
Flow form the Pu'u and O'o craters of Kilauea form the coast
Black beaches
Chilean Fjordlands
Glacialy Carved Valleys filled with water
From Puerto Montt to Punta Arenas in Chile
Lots of rainfall and fog from Mountain Effect
Pink Sands Beach
Sand w/ shells and skeletons
Habour Island, N Bahamas
Large coral reef, pink comes from framiniferans w/ iron
St. Ninian'a Tombolo
Yellow and White sand
Shetland Isles, off the east coast of Scotland
Permenant because of cobblestone base
North Jutland Dunes
Costal Dunes with marram grass
Denmarks Jutland Peninsula
Dunes move along the beach, many attempts to contain this
Copacabana Beach
Embayed, dissipative beach
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Very popular beach with lots of sports and parties
Very strong currents off shore
Porthcurno Beach
Pocket Beach
Mostly shell fragments
SW England, near Cornwall
Beach protected between two headlands
Very turqoise water
Chesil Beach
Storm beach/Tombolo
Flint and Chert
S England, near Dorset
Connects mainland with Isle of Portland
Very steep face
Cap Ferret
Costal Dunes/ Spit
Coast of Aquitaine, SW France
Longest sandy coast in Europe
Seperates Arcachon Lagoon from Atlantic
Undergoing serious erosion from development
Banc d' Arguin
Costal Dune/ Tidal Flat
W Africa, coast of Mauritania
UNESCO site covered with dunes from Shahara
Resting place for many migratory birds
Jeffreys Bay
Dissipative Beaches
S. Africa, near Port Elizabeth
Very popular surfing spot as well as shell hunting spot
Anjuna Beach
Embayed and Pocket Beaches
SW India by Arabian Sea
Very safe swiming areas, hit heavily by monsoons, very popular and senic
Cox's Bazar
Dissipative Costal Beach
SE Bangladesh
Second longest unbroken natural beach,
Full of dunes, good for swimming and shell collecting
Shell Beach
Embayed Beach
Cockle Beach
W Australia, near Perth
In shark bay, very white beach with high salinity,
Ninety Mile Beach
Dissipative Costal Plain
SE Australia, near Melbourne
Longest Uninterupted natural beach
Lots of dunes but not good swimming because of currents,
Lots of invertebrae life
Moeraki Beach
Embayed Beach
SE New Zealand
Large spherical boulders (10 ft in diameter) though to be uplifeted mineral concretions
Columbia Bay
Embayed Beaches
S Alaska, near Valdez in Prince Williams Sound
Gravel, Rocks, and Boulders no real sand
Punalu'u Beach
Costal dunes
S of Portland, NE US
Huge areas of dunes, however many have been destroyed by ATV use
Dungeness Spit
Sand Spit
NW US, near Seattle
Longest natural spit
Very narrow and complex shape
Good habitat for water foul
Tamarindo Beach
Embayed Beach
NW Costa Rica
Between two large estuaries
Popular Surfing destination and leatherback turtle nesting ground