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What is one ways that people adapt to semi arid climate of jodhpur

They use drip irrigation

Because pune India lies in the rain shadow it's people have learned to live with

Frequent droughts

What part of Earth is most likely to be changed by a physical process

Earth's crust

Which of the layers of Earth is full of a liquid rock called magma

Earth's mantle

What is the main cause of earthquakes

The movement of tectonic plates

Flooding often ads a fresh layer of soil to a floodplain which term best describes this process


What is a statement that best describes oil distribution across the countries of Southwest Asia

Some countries have far more oil than others

What do countries United States Kuwait South Korea Saudi Arabia Japan United Arab Emirates United Kingdom Germany have in common

They all export or import oil

A Southwest Asian country that spends most of its oil earnings on education and Health Care is most likely to have what

A high HDI rating

Which of these is a major goal of the organization of petroleum exporting countries OPEC

To keep oil prices steady

What is the source of the Blue Nile

Lake Tana in Ethiopia

What is an aspect of life in Egypt that depends on the water stored in Lake Nasser

Perennial irrigation

What created a barrier to River travel on the Nile in ancient times


What was Egypt's main reason for building the Aswan High Dam

To develop the rivers hydroelectric potential

What is the main similarity between the house and funny people of Northern Nigeria

Both groups are Muslim

Although many Europe and dialects are spoken in Nigeria the Yoruba belong to one

Linguistic group

Which ethnic group was rewarded by the British for their willingness to cooperate with their colonial rulers


Which of these is the most important economic activity in the Nile River delta

Oil production

Which term refers to an important country whose people mostly share a common identity

Nation state

What is a feeling of pride and loyalty towards one's country called


Which of these is an example of a failed state

The Soviet Union

What is the major difference between the Sahara and the Sahel

The Sahel receives more rainfall

What is the main reason pastoral nomads move from place to place

To find fresh pressed her for their herds

What is not a major cause of deforestation

Shifting agriculture

What is most threatened by desertification

Marginal lands

What is the main cause of shrinking of the Aral Sea

The increased use of rivers flowing into the sea for irrigation

What is most likely to be the result of environmental degradation

Loss of biodiversity

Which crop has contributed most to the creation of new desert in the Aral Sea region


What can Farmers living around the are ses do to help repair the environmental degradation of the sea itself

Plant less thirsty crops