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What is the STPD or Molar Volume of Carbon Dioxide
What is the STPD or Molar Volume of All other Gases
What is vapor vs gas?
Vapor is below its critical temp
Gas is above its critical temp
What is vapor?
The transition state between a liquid and a gas during which through the application of pressure/Temp changes-the transition may be reversed.
What is Gas?
A fluid state of matter with the least organization and definition.
Define Absolute Humidity
The amount or content of "water Vapor" which is humidity, that is in a gas.
Define Relative Humidity
The capacity of a gas to hold humidity or the water vapor at a given temperature.
The temperature changes the capacity to be held and is expressed as a % percent.
At 37o C normal body temp and and 100% relative humidity and 760 mm hg of standard pressure...
What is the water vapor content?
What is the water vapor pressure?
44 mg/L
47 mm hg
What is gas saturated?
When relative humidity = 100%
Define critical Temperature?
Above this temp gas cannot be converted back to a liquid at any pressure and below this temp. pressure can be used to compress a gas back to liquid state.

-118o C for O2
Define Critical Pressure
Pressure required to convert a gas to a liquid state at its critical temp.

716 PSI for O2
Define Boyle's Law
When Temp is held constant...when pressure is added volume is reduced and when pressure is less volume increases.
Define Charle's Law:
When pressure is held constant...Temp increases and decreases with the volume.

Temp increase so does volume...temp decreases so does the volume.
Define Gay-Lussac's Law
When Volume is held constant...increase in temp. increase in pressure. Decrease in temp-decrease in pressure.
Define Avogadro's Law
Equal volume of gas at the same temp and pressure...have the same number of moles.
Define Henry's Law
Weight of gas dissolving in a liquid is proportional to the partial pressure of the gas above the liquid.
How many more times is co2 more diffusible than o2 in the blood?
19 times more
Define Fick's Law
Gases diffuse from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration and at a rate proportional to the concentration gradient.
What is the Bernoulli's principle?
As the forward velocity of a gas is increased its lateral pressure decreases with corresponding increase in pressure.
Define Jet?
An opening that uses a jet like effect and increases velocity..Pressure gauge will have a negative effect. It will be a cap like devise on the end of a tube. It entrains the air from outside in the jet to mix with oxygen.