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Proper sequence of living things from lowest to highest

Organelle, cell, tissue, organ, system,


What connects muscle to bone?


Why do we experience seasons?

Angle of the earths axis

Seven ancient wonders of the world

1. Great pyramid of Giza

2. Hanging gardens of Babylon

3. Temple of Artemis

4. Zeus at Olympia

5. Colossus of Rhodes

6. Lighthouse of Alexandria

7. Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

Difference between series circuit and parallel

Series won't work if a blue comes out( christmas lights)

Parallel can work with a light missing ( house)

In a cell what holds the DNA or genetic material


Which blood cells carry oxygen to the body's



Tool that dispenses liquid slowly into a solution


(cylinder with tap at the end to deliver exact amount)

Positively charged material and negatively charged material attract using

Electrostatic force

Summer days are longer in the northern

hemisphere because

The tilt of the earth gives more time with direct sunlight and northern hemisphere is closer to the sun

Process of water through plants, from the roots to the vascular system to the atmosphere is called


Increase or decrease in frequency as an object moves toward or away is called

Doppler effect

Light is broken apart or diffused when passing through

A prism

Inductive reasoning

Seek evidence to support conclusion (bottom up)

Ex) list of characteristics of the rocks based on observation

Deductive reasoning

One or more statements to reach conclusion (top down)

Dried Scott decision of 1857 by Supreme Court decided

Blacks did not have the right to become United States citizens

Pearl Harbor by the Japanese triggered what

An end to the United States position of isolation

Civilization credited with early use of the term zero


Gent his khan and grandson kublai khan are best known for which conquest

Mongolian conquest of China

English barons wanted the monarchy to have limited powers and to acknowledge their rights as Englishman asked the king to sign what?

Magma carta- everyone even the king is subject to the law

J.P Morgan known for

His interest in and building of railroads which shaped the growth and economy of America

Rockefellers owned

Standard oil company, their business shaped American economies

Roosevelts established themselves in

Politics and helped shape the growth and

development of America

Kennedy's did NOT help in

Conservation practices in America

President elected for third term

Franklin Delano Roosevelt