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psychological determination
nothing about human behavior occurs by accident; all is predetermined or a psychological cause
beyond conscioud awareness. Whatever is present at birth. All that relates to satisfaction of physical drives.
Pleasure principle
Achievement of pleasurable feelings as quickly as possible through the reduction of discomfort.
Primary process
A continual flow of infintile images and wishes demanding direct and immediate satisfaction.
energy of sexual desires, in the broadest sense.
Represents energy for preserving oneself or others. Life energy.
Represents energy aimed at returning living things to their original non living state. Destructive, death energy.
Coherent organization of mental processes derived from the id which intermediates between the id and reality to effectively satisfy the ids needs in a constructive fashion.
Reality principle
the Ego's capacity to delay gratification until best route to meet needs is found.
Secondary process
intellectual operations (such as thinking, evaluating, planning) to test reality to determine if behaviors are benificial.
a state of extreme emotional discomfort.
Defense mechanism
unconscious, automatic psychological strategies to regain control over threatening id instincts.
threatening material becomes unavailable for recall, because it has been pressed down into the unconscious for protection.
protects us from threats by allowing us to see our unacceptable characteristics only in other people.
allows us to excuse our unacceptable behaviors but self-deceptive reasoning.
the process by which we refuse to acknowlege what is too hard to bear.
conceptualizing on an academic rather than an emotional level what is too threatening in order to rationalize it to ourselves.
a pattern od abnormal behaviors related to an over control of instincts.
Hysterical Neurosis
a condition which people display symptoms of a disorder to avoid experiences to threatening for conscious consideration while physical evidence of the disorder is absent.
representation of sociatal norms within a personality.
the process by which the personality incorporates social norms through identification with important others.
Morality principle
code of sociatal values of right and wrong.
the internal agent that punishes us when we do "wrong".
intense feelings of regret or inadequacy.
Ego ideal
positive standards in the form of internal representations of idealized parental figures.
Oral or Narcissistic (self-centered)stage
age 0-1 1/2. Phase where psychic energy is focused on satisfying the needs of the mouth and digestive tract, including tounge and lips.
developemental impairment within a psychosexual stage which results in perminent investment of libidinal energies in said stage.
retreating to behaviors, feelings & thoughts characteristic of the earlier fixated stage.
personality type that results from pleasurable experiences of the oral phase. Associated with dependency and suggestability.
personality type that results from pleasure associated with oral phase with an emphasis on chewing and biting.
Anal Stage
2nd PS stage (1 1/2-3 yrs.) The period in which sexual gratification occurs when defecation relieves the tention of full bowls while stimulating the anus.
Anal retentive
an adult personality type characterized by delay of satisfaction to the last possible moment. Constipated orentation.
Anal expulsive
adult personality type inclined to disregard widly accepted rules such as orderliness and appropriate behavior. Diarrectic orientation.
Phallic Stage
3rd PS stage (3-6 yrs.) Satisfaction is primarily reached through stimulation of thr penis or clitoris- through masterbation.
Oedipus complex
revolves around a boys sexual desire for his mother and fearful hatred for his father.
Electra Complex
bases on a girls sexual desire for her father and her wishes to replace her hated mother.
Castration anxiety
a boys fear of losing his penis (his highly prized pleasure organ)He fears father will cut it off when he learns of the boy's desire for mother.
Penis envy
refer's to a girl's inferior fellings of having no penis and compensatory wishes to one day obtain one.
the process of becoming like the same-sex parent.
Ego strength
ego's ability to interact with reality on behalf of the id and to inhibit impulses until safe.
Latency Stage
4th PS stage (6-13 yrs). Quiet period where children supress infantile urges & attraction to the desired parent.
a process that reorients instinctual aims in new directions consistant with social norms.
Genital Stage
5th and last PS stage (13+ yrs.)
The stage of mature sexual love where one directs affection and lust toward another person.
attachments of libidinous energies to either to real external world objects or to fantasized inner world images.
finding a new, less threatening target for feelings.
Free association
orientation that allows ideas, images, memories, and feelings to be expressed spontaniously.
A process where inner feelings are openly expressed leading to release of tentions.
Manifest content
what a dreamer remembers when s/he awakens.
Laten content
The underlying meaning of a dream.
Freud's procedure designed to provide insight necessary to rid the personality of neurotic conflicts.
the making conscious of unacceptable experiences buried in one's unconscious.
occurs when the patient projects feeling for a significant person onto the therapist.
occurs when the therapist projects their own unconscious needs onto the patient.
Slips of the tongue
verbal errors that seem to replace neutral words with ones supposedly emanate fom the unconscious.