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In a food service operation, what is production?
The managerial function of converting food purchased in various stages of preparation into menu items that are served to customers.
What information should be collected to provide a good historical record to be used for forecasting?
  • Date and day of the week
  • Meal or hour of service
  • Notation of special event, holiday, and weather conditions
  • Food items prepared
  • Quantity of each item prepared
  • Quantity of each item served
What are important factors to consider when selecting a forecasting method?
  • Cost of the model
  • Required accuracy
  • Relevancy of past data
  • Forecasting lead time
  • Underlying pattern of behavior
What is the equation for Exponential smoothing?
F = α s + 1-α (F’)
What information should be included in a production schedule to make it a specific action plan?
  • Employee assignments
  • Preparation time schedule
  • Menu items
  • Over and under production
  • Quantity to prepareSubstitutions
  • Actual yield Additional assignments
  • Special instructions and comments
  • Pre-preparation
An example of Factor method, calculation, how to apply
  • Adjust the recipe for chocolate pudding to 110 portions.
  • Chocolate PuddingYield: 50 portions or 6 qt.
  • Portion: ½ cup Factor = 110/50 = 2.2
  • Ex. Ingredient /Amount /Amount converted to pounds/ Factor * 2.2/ Conversion to standard measures: Milk/ 1 gal /8.00 lb /17.6 lb /2.2 gal
What is a quality recipe?
  • A quantity recipe is formatted differently from a home-style recipe.
  • The ingredients are listed on the left side with the accompanying procedures on the right side.
What is a standardized recipe?
  • is one that has been tested extensively in the foodservice organization where it is to be used.
  • It is tailored for that organization and meets the standards for quality and quantity.
  • The food cost per portion along with the selling price is predictable.
Identify five advantages for using standardized recipes.
  • Promote uniform quality of menu items
  • Promote uniform quantity of menu items
  • Encourage uniformity of menu itemsIncrease productivity of cooks
  • Increase managerial productivity
  • Control overproduction
  • Control inventory levels
  • Simplify menu item costing
  • Simplify training of cooks
  • Introduce feeling of job satisfaction
  • Provide information to customers with special dietary needs.
What are the three phases to the process of standardizing a recipe?
  • Recipe verification
  • Product evaluation
  • Quantity adjustment
List the major reasons for cooking foods.
  • Destruction of harmful microorganisms, thus making food safer for human consumption
  • Increased digestibility
  • Change and enhancement of flavor, form, color, texture, and aroma

For each piece of equipment identify how heat is transferred to the food. (more than one heat transfer mechanism may be involved.):

a. Griddle

b. Grill

c. Steam jacketed kettle

d. Convection oven

e. Microwave oven

f. Induction burner

g. Steamer

h. Deck oven

i. Tilting braising pan

j. Deep fat fryer

k. Flash bake oven

l. Impinger oven

a. conduction

b. conduction

c. Convection

d .Convection

e. radiation

f. induction

g. convection

h. conduction and convection

i.conduction and convection

j.conduction and convection

k. radiation

l. convection

What would be the best piece of equipment to produce the following menu items in a hospital foodservice operation?

a. Roast beef

b. Baked potatoes

c. Broccoli spears

d. Vegetable soup

e. Broiled chicken

f. Poached eggs

g. Crisp bacon

h. Turkey gravy

i. Hot biscuits

a. Deck, convection oven, or combi ovens

b. Deck or convection oven

c. Steamer

d. Steam jacketed kettle

e. Broiler

f. Tilting braising pan

g. Deck or convection oven

h. Steam jacketed kettle

I. Deck or convection oven

How may the temperature of foods be measured for doneness?
Calculate the amount of carrots to purchase (AP) to produce carrot and raisin salad if 35 lb EP of carrots are needed.
35lb/0.70 = 50 # AP
Calculate the number of pounds of ground beef required to make a 4 ounce (EP) cooked beef patty for 640 people at an 80% yield.
4 oz. X 640 = 2560 oz. EP or 160 lb.160/0.80 = 200 lb. AP
Identify three sources of loss that will reduce yield.
  • Removal of skin, bones, and fat
  • Shrinkage during cooking
  • Carving (handling) loss
Identify benefits that would be expected from controlling energy usage in a foodservice operation.
Reduce costsGood for the environment
How can the recommendation to use batch cooking for some menu items be reconciled with the energy conservation recommendation to cook in the largest volume possible?
  • The primary responsibility is to produce foods of good quality.
  • Some menu items are able to tolerate long holding periods with out losing quality, such as veggies.
  • So, when the choice is between good quality food and using more energy resources to cook additional small batches, the better choice is to produce small batches.