Edible Favors By Grace Case Study

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Starting out as a small business, sustainability is maintained to be a core value at Edible favors by Grace. It is the organization’s means of providing quality products that contribute to the well-being of the consumers and of the environment as well.
Production and Operation plays a vital role for the success of any business. This will give the user insights on how to run the business on a day-to-day basis while meeting the organizational objectives of effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability. Here are the key components listed under production and operations management function:

Location of facilities
One of the critical factors determining the success of a business is the location. Edible favors by Grace
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The design, flavor, and packaging of the product will depend on what the client want. As Edible favors by Grace envisions itself as an organization that helps every individual in making their guest feel appreciated, what they want is what we are pleasure to provide. Edible favors by Grace creates every favor in perfection by adding personal touch and creativity.

Product Packaging
Presentation is key for every event favors. Edible favors by Grace pack each edible treat in its own ribbon-tied box, transparent container or cellophane baggie, and affix a thank-you message label right to the package, expressing the client’s gratitude that guests came to share their Special day with them.
We also let our customers customize the packaging of their favors. First, they will choice if the favor is to be put on a box or cellophane baggie. They can also have reusable packaging for an extra cost. Next is to choose the color of the ribbon. Lastly, is to choose the tag and the message expressing their gratitude to their guests.

Process Design
The Diagram below illustrates the simple production process of Edible Favors by
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• Decorate into desire design.

• For the Oreo Mini Cake; assemble the regular oreo and mini oreo cookies into desire layer.
For the Oreo pops; insert stick into the cookie.
Use frosting or melted chocolate to hold the together. Place the cookies into the fridge for 5 mins to harden. • Cover the Oreo with the melted chocolate coating.

• Decorate with sprinkles and melted chocolate.

Packaging and Labeling
The package and label of the edible favor depends on the choice of the customer. The customer can choose the packaging of the edible treat from cellophane baggie, clear container and mini boxes. The color of the ribbon usually matches the theme or motif of the event. The client will also be choosing the tag and message/quote that will be written in the label.

Product Display and Delivery
After all is packed and labeled the edible favors are now ready for delivery. In the delivery of the product we make sure that the products are in good condition when it arrives to our customers. Some of the products made in the day are displayed in the shop for walk-in customers.

Production and Planning

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