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Automatic Sprinkler Systems consist od sprinklers, sometimes called?
Sprinkler Heads
Two general types of Sprinkler Coverage?

What is recognized as the most reliable of protection devices?
Automatic Sprinkler Systems
Vertical piping to which sprinkler valve, one-way valve, fire department connection (FDC), alarm valve, main drain, and other components are attached?
The riser
Three of the most commonly used release mechanisms?
Fusible Links

Frangible Bulbs

Chemical Pellets
What are the 6 colors and temps of the sprinkler rating system?
uncolored or black - ordinary - 135-170

White - intermediate - 175-225

Blue - high - 250-300

Red - extra high - 325-375

Green - very extra high - 400-475

Orange - ultra high - 500-575
Three basic positions of sprinkler heads?


Most common type of sprinkler head position?
Sprinkler Storage cabinets hold?
6 replacement sprinklers and a wrench
Whos job is it to change sprinklers?
In many juristicions its the representitive of the building.
What are control valves used for?
To turn off water supply in system to replace sprinkler, perform maintenance, or interrupt operations.
What control valve shows at a glance whether it is open or closed?
Indicating control valve
What are the four types of indicating control valves?
Outside stem & yoke (OS&Y)

Post Indicator

Wall post indicator

Post indicator vavle assembly
What is the most common type of control valve?
Outside Stem & Yoke (OS&Y)
When the OS&Y valve is open what is visible?
The threaded stem

*(the threaded stem is not visible when closed)
What valve is a hollow post that houses a plate with the words OPEN and SHUT visible through a window?
Post Indicator Vavle (PIV)
What valve uses a circular disk inside a flat plate that rotates when then valve is opened and closed by crank?
Post Indicator Valve Assembly (PIVA)
Two ways sprinkler fire alarm systems are operated

What PSI is needed to supply the highest sprinkler?
15 PSI
Fire Department Connections for sprinklers usually consist of what?
A siamese with at least two 2.5 inch female connections with a slapper valve in each.
Sprinkler Fire Deparment connections should be appiled with water from pumpers at what capacity?
1,000 GPM or greater
5 main types of sprinkler systems?




What type of sprinkler system is used where temps below 40 degrees F are NOT common?
Wet-pipe system
What is the simplest type of Automatic Sprinkler System?
Wet-pipe System
What type of Sprinkler System is used in locations where piping may be subject to Temps below 40 degrees F?
Dry-pipe Systems
What sprinkler system has sloped piping for draining?
Dry-Pipe system
What is the required air pressure for a Dry-pipe system?
20 PSI
What are dry systems that employ a deluge-type vavle, fire detection, and closed sprinklers?
Preaction system
What system is used when it is especcially important to prevent water damage?
Preaction system
What system has no fusible links and do not funtion as fire detection devices?
Deluge Systems
What system is installed in high hazard occupancies such as aircraft hangers?
Deluge systems