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Proteins transport which nutrients and oxygen


Chemical attraction between the acid group of one amino acid and the amino group of another amino acid can form what

peptide bond

the ____ is the primary site for nonsential amino acid production in humans and deamination in the body


what does the deamination process form


Is the process that changes the normal shape of a protein and as a result, the molecule loses it's usual function

denaturation, irreversible change in proteins

what are some chemical properties of vitamins

vital to life, organic compound, indispensable to body functions, don't need a lot

what substance protects vulnerable molecules from free radicals

an antioxidant

what are fat-soluble vitamins

A, d, e, and K


B and C

body can store large amounts of what B vitamin


about ____% of an average healthy young man's body weight is water


water can pass through a selectively permeable membrane by


where and what s extracellular water

outside the cell in part of blood called plasma

major minerals

calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium

minor minerals

iron, zinc, copper, idoine

nearly ____ of american adults were overweight or obese


____ is the ratio of weight to height that is used to determine whether a person's weight is healthy


primary function of white adipose cells is

energy status

brown fat cells are specialized to

keep babies warm, later in life we just have white fat tissues

visceral fat is located where

in the belly

____ of body's total energy use is for basal metabolism


what is considered a healthy bmi

18.5 to 24.9

overweight bmi


30-39.9 is what bmi


Underweight bmi


What is vigorous activity

70 to 85% of target heart zone

what is moderate


primary source of direct energy for cells


what macronutrients can be metabolized for ATP production

carbohydrates, lipid, and protein aka glucose fat and protein

anaerobic conditions means

no oxygen

muscles convert pyruvate to what

lactic acid

what is glycogen and where is stored

it's a polysaccharide and it's stored in liver and muscle

muscles can use what energy system to obtain energy

1. oxygen. 2) lactic acid.

3) phosphocreatine

what produces the most atp


Muscles store _____ immediate source of glucose for contracting muscles


the ____ is the organ of pregnancy that transfers nutrients and oxygen from mothers blood to fetus


A____ emains when the nitrogen containing protein of an amino acid is removed

carbon skeleton

elated sign of pregnancy that occurs in manyhealthy pregnant women.

minor edema of the hands and feet is a common nutrition

Pregnant women who develop gestational diabetes are more likely to give birth to _____ infants than pregnant women who do not have this condition.

high birth weight

Which of the following activities is virgourus?


Deamination process forms _____


Some women crave non-food items during pregnancy- it’s called


The hormone ____ enables the let down reflex to occur when a woman breastfeeds her baby