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DC 41-42, 51

The Law of the Church

DC 43

Hubble Trouble; Remember the Order of the Church

DC 44; 52

A call to first Kirtland conference and the first Missouri Conference.

DC 29, 45

Signs of the 2nd Coming, Eschatological Revelations

DC 46; 50

How to avoid deception (and recognize true spiritual phenomenon

DC 47, 69

Revelations to John Whitmer. Duties of Church Historian.

DC 49

Revelations to the Shakers

DC 53, 55

An agent and a printer called to Zion

DC 54, 56

Loss of the Thompson Farm. The "not" - heads of Zion.

DC 57-59

Zion located. Principles of Building Zion. Laws of Zion (especially the Sabbath Day)

DC 60-62

Return trip to Kirtland

DC 63-64

Overcome the lusts of the world

DC 65, 74

The Lord's commentary on New Testament Passages

DC 66

McLellin's 5 questions

DC 67

The Lord's challenge to the Elder's

DC 68

Counsel to Leaders and Parents in Zion

DC 70

The literary form is created.

DC 71, 73

Stop translating - Confound your enemies - now back to translating.

DC 72

Duties of Church Bishops

DC 75

Amherst Conference Revelation (12 companionships called to serve)

DC 76

The Vision