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a secondary motion is what?
incidental motion
How many secondary motions can happen
more than one
subsidiary, priveleged and incidental motions are...?
when a motion is disposed, what doesn't need to be addressed?
certain privileged questions
what must be acted upon or disposed of before direct consideration of the main question can be continued
secondary motions
how should the motion to lay on the table should be to...
interrupt consideration of a main motion until a majority wants to consider it again
what must be voted on first
the previous question
which subsidiary motion has no corresponding incidental main motion
the previous question
questions of privilege not in the natur of a request which are broughout up while no business is pending are moved in the same way as a
main motion
a secondary motion is what?
incidental motion
the handling of substitute amendments ensures
that the provisions of the version first offered receive appropriate consideration without impeding free debate of the proposal to substitute
the motions to rescind and to amend a previously adopted thing ...
can be applied to a policy which has no continuing force.
once a committee to which a resolution or main motion has been referred commences its deliberation
the committe is free to consider and recommend for adoption any amendment to the motion so referred by the assembly
what is a main motion that relates to the business of an aseembly, or its future or past action
incidental main motion
the difference in the rules governing original and incidental main motions is
objection to consideration of a questino can be applied only to an original main motion
what is a misuse of llay on the table
the laying of intervening matters on the table in succession to bring another matter up out of its order
a properly framed motion should ...
be concise, unambiguous and complete in form
a committee
may take a matter out of a subcommittee's hand
a preamble which is placed before the resolving clauses of a resolution should...
state the background and reasons for the resolving clauses
when is the preamble amended (if at all)
how can a motion with the control of the assembly (since it hasb't been disposed of) be renewed
more than a quarterly time interval has elapsed before the next session
a motion to censure the action of an officser
opens the entire question to debate.
the adoption of the motion to postpone indefinitely
kills the main motion for the duration of the session
The motion to ratify
is an incidental main motion
the motion to reconsider can be applied on any motion except :
another motion to reconsider
the motion to postpone indefinitely is ...
is a secondary motion
a friendly amendment
must be open to debate and vote or unanimous consent
after voted to insert words, words can be changed by
reconsideration of the vote to insert the words
if organizations meet less than quarterly time intervals, or meet as a convention of delegates, bylaws should require who to call the meeting
when it is moved to amend by striking out an entire paragraph - the paragraph that is struck out is
amendable by any of the three forms relating to words
the amendment to strike out and insert words
prohibits striking out words and inserting different words in another place except for unanimous consent
when the amendment to strike out and insert, which applies to the words is pending
secondary amendment of each element is in order
what is the correct procedure in handling a substitute motion
perfect the motion, perfect the substitute, vote on the substitution, vote on the adoption of the remain motion, proceed to the next item of business
after a paragraph has been substituted for another, it can be amended by
a motion to create a blank is
an incidental motion
blanks to be filled with amounts of money should be arranged according to which priority
the one least likely to be acceptable will be voted on first
a variation of the motion to commit that is usually most suitable for ordinary societies whose meetings are not large is the motion to :
consider informally
In preparing a written motion or resolution, it is advisable to :
consult members who can be of assistance in perfecting it
which subsidiary motions best describe variations of the motion to commit
committee of the whole, informal consideration, quasi committee of the whole (all the above)
when any paper is laid before the assembly for action
it is the right of every member to read once
the motion to discharge a committee
is debatable, and the debate can go into the merits of the questions in the hands of the committee
a general order of the day set for a specified hour
cannot come up before that time except bya 2/3 vote to suspend rules or reconsideration
when a committee is named by the assembly without designating a chairman
the committee elects its own.
when no more than quarterly time intervals elapse between sessions, an order of the day cannot be made for a time...
beyond the end of the next regular business session
if a motion to invite a speaker for next week's meeting is pending, a motion to postpone consideration until next week's meeting may be stated by the chair as
a motion to postpone indefinitely if in order at the time
if the assembly does not wish to adjourn a meeting within a convention at the time schedules in the agenda or program, the matter is handled by :
setting aside the orders of the day
the effect of postponing a question to a specified hour
privdes that the matter will comes before the assembly at a time named or a later time.
what can be applied to a main motion
lay on the table
several questions that are postponed to the same time without being made special orders are ordered how:
taken up in the order they were postponed
when can the motion to limit debate be applied
to an entire series of pending questions
which motions usually require a 2/3 vote
previous question, suspend the reles, limit or extend limits of debate
if a motion to close debate in twenty minutes is adopted, it is not in order to
move to refer the matter to a committee
if a motion to limit speeches on a question to 2 minute speakers is adopted, it ...
does not cause another such conflicting motion to be out of order
if a main motion is laid on the table
all adhering questions go with it.
the previous question ...
does not prevent the making of privileged or incidental motions as applicable
the previous question is not allowed in :
when a main motion and the previous question are pending - what is in order?
recess for 30 minutes
when a resolution having a preamble is pending, if the previous question is ordered on the resolution before consideration of the preamble has been reached, the order :
does not apply to debate and amendment of the preamble, to which the assembly proceeds immediately
If a series of questions on which the previous question has been ordered ceases to be the pending business before all of the motions affected by the order hav ebeen voted on, execution of the order is considered :
when a motion is laid on the table...
consideration can be resumed with the will of the majority
a rule relating to parliamentary procedure requires..
2/3 vote for its suspension
if in order at the time, the motion to call for the orders of the day ...
can interrupt when another has been assigned the floor
the action required to refuse to proceed to the orders of the day when initiated by the chair is a ...
2/3 vote in the negative
although it is preferable to divide a question at first, dividing it can be made at any time :
when the amendment to divide it is pending, when the motion to postpone indefinitely is pending, when the main motion is pending, (all of the above)
a call for the orders of the day cannot be made in ...
a committee of the whole
the assembly's refusal to proceed to the orders of the day is similar to :
suspending the rules
when the orders of the day are called for by a member ;
the orders can be set aside by 2/3 vote in the negative.
the admissibility of a request or motion arising out of a question of privilege
is ruled upon by the chair
a motion that is pending after having been admitted as a question of privilege is :
treated as a main motion
Fix the Time to Which To Adjourn
does not affect when the present meeting will adjourn
The motion to fix the time to which to adjourn is :
the highest ranking privileged motion
the privileged motion to recess
requires that a recess happen immediately
the motion to recess, when no question is pending
sets the time for the recess
after an agenda or program has been adopted, it may be changed by
a vote of a majority of the entire membership
the unqualified motion to adjourn is :
a privileged motion
a motion to adjourn at a future time is :
a main motion
Except as the assembly may have adopted rules providing otherwise, the effect of an adjournment on a pending motion or an incompleted order of business when the adjournment closes a session in a body that doesn't have regular sessions as often as quarterly, or closes a session that ends the term of some of the members is as follows :
business that is unfinished at the time of adjournment falls to the ground
if the bylaws provide for the calling of a special convention after the regular convention session has been held
this assembly should meet as a distinct session with a body of delegates and alternates which must be chosen anew under provisions in the bylaws
which motion can be renewed after progress in business
when a motion to strike out certain words is made
it can be applied only to consecutive words, it is necessary to specify the location, a secondary amendment may separate the words (all the above)
a point of order
is debateable when referred to the assembly by the chair
under certain circumstances, which motion may become debatable
point of order
the statement that " a point of order is handled much as an appeal when submitted to the assembly for a decisions " means that
the rules governing its debatability are the same as for an appeal
objection to the consideratino of the questions must be raised
before the debate has begun on the main motion or any subsidiary motino has been stated by the chair
a motion that the assembly refrain from doing something is out of order if the :
motion is equivalent to adopting no motionat all
the minimum affirmative vote necessary to sustain the decision of the chair when an appeal has been made is
a tie vote
the chair has ruled that an amendment is not germane and a member has appealed from the decision from the chair. the chair should then state the question ont he appeal by saying :
as many as re in favor of sustaining the chair's decision, say 'aye'
a motion cannot be divided unless
each part presents a proper question for the assembly to act upon if none of the other parts is adopted
to immediately reach an item which fails later in the regular order of business, one may
suspend the rules
in standing and special committees, the motion to reconsider
can be made and taken up regardless of the time that has elapsed since the vote was taken.
which of the following can be laid on the table
a main motion to which an objection to the consideration has been raised
objectino to the consideration of a question yields to the motion
lay on the table
objcetion to the consideration of a question
requires a 2/3 vote against consideration to sustain the objections
which of the following is most likely to be moved in combination with another motions
suspend the rules
which of the following motions is ordered by the demand by only one member
call for a division of the assembly
when filling a blank prescribing the method of voting to be used, the following method is voted on first
that which takes the most time
a request to be excused from a duty
essential to the functioning of a society is a question of privilege
a request to be relieved from a duty essential to the functioning of a society or assembly
is a question of privilege affecting the organization of the assembly
A question that has been laid on the table can be taken from the table
at the next regular session if such session wil be held before a quarterly time interval has elapsed
which of the following motions will no longer adhere if laid on the table with a main motion at one sesion and subsequently taken from the table during the next session
previous question
adoption of the motion to rescind and expunge from the minutes requires a :
majority vote of the entire membership
the motion to discharge a committee requires :
a majority vote with previous notice, a vote of a majority of the entire membership, a two-thirds vote (all above)
if the assembly wishes to consider again a motion referred to a committee earlier in the same meeting, it is appropriate to :
reconsider the vote on referral of the motion
which of the following cannot be renewed in connection with the same main question during the same sesion after material progress in debate
postpone indefinitely
which of the following cannot be renewed at the same session on the same question
postpone indefinitely
a main motion cannot be renewed or considered a second time at the same session unless there is a change of wording or circumstances sufficient to prseent a new question except :
none, all the above are correct (by reconsidering the vote, by rescinding the motion, by amending something previously adopted)
if the chair becomes convinced that members are using parliamentary forms for obstructive pruposes, the chair should
rule such motions out of order, not recognize these members, never permit his personal feelings to affect his judgements (all above)
the bylaws set the election of officers to be held at the annual meeting. the night of the annual meeting is stormy and the attendance is abnormally small, but a quorum is prsent, what happens?
after a motion to fix the time to which to adjourn is adopted, postpone the elections to the next meeting
a vote in favor of subsituting an entire main motion ordinarily :
is a vote to kill any provisions of the original version that are not included in the substitute
commit or refer can be applied to :
debatable points of order referred by the chair to the judgement of the assembly
when a series of independent resolutions or main motions dealing with different subjects is offered in one motion :
the request of a single member allows for one or more of them to be considered separately
when a secondary motion is placed before the assembly, it :
becomes the immediately pending question
when previous notice of a motion to rescind a previously adopted motion has been given, the motion to rescind can be moved by ...?
any member
division by the assembly is
an incidental motion and not debatable
a point of order is :
debatable when the chair submits the point to a vote of the assembly
no main motion is in order which
presents the same question as one that has not been finally disposed of.
who may move to reconsider the vote on a motion to adjourn which was defeated
no one
the motion to adjourn is in order :
after the ballots have been collected by the tellers and before the result has been announced
to rescind can be applied to
a main motion which has been adopted
which of the folowing is privileged, even if it is made while no question is pending
move that this meeting adjourn
while an election is pending, a motion prescribing the method of nominating is :
an incidental motion
the chair's reply to a parliamentary inquiry is :
not subject to an appeal since it is an opinion
which of the following requires only a majority vote for adoption
suspend an ordinary standing rule
incidental motions
are classified as secondary motions
the effect of making a point of order is to :
require the chair to make a ruling on the question involved
a motion proposing to assign a new task or refer a new matter to a committee when no question is pending is :
an original main motion
call for the orders of the day
must be enforced upon a call by a single member
a main motion can be improved before action is taken
by a motion to substitute an entire new text of the main question in place of the pending version, before it is stated by the chair, any member can suggest a modification in the motion, which the maker can accept, after it is stated by the chair, the maker can request unanimous consent to modify the motion ; if there is an objection, it must be introduced as an amendment (all the above)
adoption of which of the following motions makes a pending motion an order of the day for some future time
postpone to a definite time
a call for the orders of the day can interrupt a pending question
if the neglect of a special order is involved
a delegate of the assembly interrupted a speaker during debate with a point of order. The chair asked the member to state his point. the member then moved the previous question, the chair should respond :
the motion is out of order
when considering a document by paragraph, after all parts have been considered, the chair should
open the entire document to amendment
the motion to reconsider a vote on actino previously taken in a committee
may be made by someone who was not present
a motion that seeks to obstruct or thwart the will of the assembly as clearly indicated by the existing parliamentary situtation is :
privileged motions as a clss are distinguished by which one of the following conditions :
they do not relate to pending business
a motion designating the method of voting, made whilt eh question is pending
is not debatable
if the assembly has the power of the appointment of committees
removal ro replacement can take placeo nly by motions to rescind or amend something previously adopted
to lay on the table may :
not be applied to a matter for which a special meeting is called
a negative vote on the motion to lay on the table may :
be reconsidered
a motion to go into executive session
is a question of privilege of the assembly
the motion to postpone indefinitely can be reconsidered when
it has received an affirmative vote
if someone objects to general consent when a maker has requested to modify his motion after the motion has been stated by the chair
the chair must determine whether an equivalent amdendment would be in order
a motion that has been postponed to ac ertain time
is in the same condition at the next session as it was before postponement except that any limitation on debate is exhausted
if a reconsideration of a vote takes place on the same day the vote was taken
any member may speak on the motion to reconsider
which is not a characteristic of the motion to reconsider
a member cannot waive the secrecy of his ballot
in assemblies holding regularly scheduled meetings, an adjournment to meet at the call of the chair
is a continuation of the same session
a motion to postpone a matter that is not pending is :
an incidental main motoin
a motion to take a question from the table
requires previous notice in the call of the meeting if taken up at a special meeting
a main motion may be postponed with the following adhering motions :
postpone indefinitely, amend, commmit, debatable appeal
if the neglect of a special order is not involved, a call for the orders of the day
is in order whenever no question is pending
a motion that a recess begin immediately, made while another question is pending :
is amendable
when a proposed bylaw amendment is laid on the table
it doesn't carry with it what it proposes to amend
if a question has been laid on the table with the previous question and/or limit or extend the limits of debate ordered
the orders are not exhauseted if the question is taken from the table at the same session
in reference to reconsider
if the motion to reconsider the vote on an adhering subsidiary motion was made, but not taken up prior to referring the main motion it is ignored
a main motion is referred to a special committee, which motion would be in order with respect to this main motion
a motion to discharge the committee could be made
the form used for making the motion to postpone to a certain time depends on the desired object. in a society that meets less often than quarterly, a member can move to postpone the question
until a certain event in this meeting
which of the following does not apply to the motion to appeal from the decision fo the chair
it is debatable unless relating to indecorum or transgression of rules of speaking
if a motion was adopted by :
ballot, a member who voted with the prevailing side must be willing to waive the secrecy to waive the secrecy of his ballot in order to move to reconsider
a question can be renewed at the same session
on one of a series of resolutions which had been voted on together and the series lost
what is the preferred terminology for amendments
primary and secondary