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An Excel spreadsheet has how many columns ______ and 65,536 rows for a total of 16,777,216 cells
The cell ready to recieve data is the __________ cell
The defined area of the worksheet such as A1:H20 is called a
A ___________ is an Instruction to preform a caculation
By default, each cell is _______charaters long
The ___________ displays the cell reference of the active cell.
Name Box
What does ####### sign mean in a column
Cell not wide enough for data
What menue is used to print in lanscape format?
What is the three-digit file extension for Excel? (Hint: Word is .doc)
Describe the 3-step process used to center the title across a worksheet
1. Key Title

2. Highlight (select) cells to merge & center text.

3. Click merge & center icon on formatting toolbar
What is a powerful spreadsheet program that allows you to organize data?
MS Excel
Data is displayed in ________________,which is below the standard and formatting toolbars.
Formula bar
The ______ ______ is the small black square located in the lower-right corner of the border around the active cell.
fill handle
You can obtain a total, an average, or other information about the numbers in a range by using the ___________ _______ on the status bar.
Auto calculate
The ___________ identifies each bar in a chart
The _________ _________ answeres your questions and suggests more efficient ways to complete tasks
Office Assistant
What menu is used to increase & decrease the number of decimal places or to add $ or % to a cell?
Every formula must start with a ____