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What is the Difference between a feature and a benefit

A feature is a special characteristic of a product and a benefit is the value the customer receives from this feature.

The temperature most often used by customers when discussing human comfort is?

Dry bulb reading

What is an honest person?

One who is free from fraud or deception, credible and is marked with integrity. With this definition in mind an honest person is fair with their dealings with other people.

What is the unit of electrical pressure?


Each leg of the ladder diagram is

represented by the 2 lines on the side of the ladder diagram

When and Why are Humidifiers used?

They are used with heating systems to raise relative humidity and increase customer comfort.

What factors, besides temperature are an contribute to comfort?

Humidity and Cleanliness of the air

Care should be taken before cutting/sawing what type of walls in a basement?

Load bearing walls that are part of the original construction.

What can refrigerant vapors cause if inhale in large quantities?

Heart irregularities or Unconsciousness

The damper used in the bypass humidifier should be in what position during the winter?

Open position

What should capillary tubing be cut with?

A triangle file or a knife-edge file

How should a voltmeter be connected when taking voltage readings?

By connecting the voltmeter in parallel with the voltage to be measured.

A motor can have two, four or more poles, the fewer the number of poles?

The faster the motor turns

What is true of a tapped multi-speed motor driving the supply blower?

Changing the connected tap changes the CFM even under no blower load.

What is a wet bulb thermometer?

A conventional thermometer with a moistened cloth wick covering its sensor.

Electrical current is measured in?

Amperes (AMPs)

According to health and safety regulations when climbing down a ladder the worker must always?

Face the ladder

According to Ohms Law, when the voltage to an electric heating element is increased by 10% the current through the element

Increases by 10%

Hacksaws should never be used to cut copper tubing because?

Saw chips can remain inside the tubing.

Combustion is a

Chemical Process

Why are liquid fill thermometers used in Sling psychrometers?

Because they are very accurate.

A pictoral schematic is useful for?

Quickly visualizing each component in a unit.

A sling psychromenter can measure wet bulb and dry bulb temperatures, these measurements are used to?

Compute relative humidity

Motors above 5HP that are used in belt driven fans are typically?

240/460V 3 Phase

As static pressure increases in a system with a constant airflow blower the AMP draw?

Increases with the static

A technician works for a service company that is portrayed negatively in a news piece, he is given an opportunity to meet with the management to go over the information presented, after hearing all the facts, he decides the company committed no wrong doing and should be supported. The Character trait being demonstrated here is?


What is true of a DC circuit?

Current flows in one direction.

What federal agency has jurisdiction over the shipping and labeling of refrigerants?

The Department of Tranportation (DOT)

A continuity check using an ohmmeter shows continuity by?

Reading zero or specific resistance

An Analog VOM is an electrical meter the displays volts, ohms or milliamperes on a

Analog Scale

A digital multi-meter marked "auto ranging " will automatically set it's self for range of approximate value when set for?

Volts, Amps, of Ohms

The input side of a step down transformer is also properly called?

The primary side

What meter setting should a technician use to determine whether or not a set of contacts are open in an energized volt setting?


What condition must be met to make an agreement legally binding?

It must be in writing

The following is from a technicians note:

The relay appeared to be over heated, replacing it should fix the problem, what is he stating?

His Opinion

Where do pictorial wiring diagrams generally show components?

In the their approximate positions in the equipment.

To change the direction of the rotation of a fan driven by a 3 phase induction motor it is necessary to do what?

Reverse the connections of only motor leads

Lever/spring type are best used for what?

Soft drawn copper tubing

A coil of a wire moving through a magnetic field will generate what?

Current in the wire

Capacitor start-induction run motors use this method for increasing their starting torque.

A start capacitor and start relay contacts in a series with the start winding.

Any pressure exerted by a liquid or gas on a surface is typically measured as a reading relative to what?

Atmospheric Pressure

When possible, why should you avoid working on slate tile roofs?

Because there is a high risk of slipping and falling.

What is 33.33% of 30?


The primary purpose for bringing the outdoor air into a residential air distribution system is to?

Provide fresh air to a conditioned space

Field wired 120 and 240v wiring is typically shown on a wiring diagram as?

Heavy solid lines

A particular right tri-angle has two equal sides, this is a

45 Degree Triangle

In most field wiring diagrams the color of the wiring remains consistent, the following is applicable color coding used for all wiring in a thermostat


Blue- Common

White- Heat

Yellow- Cool

Green- Ground

Orange- Reversing Valve

Power is measured in what?


Customers often volunteer to advise a service tech on what they believe is a problem with a unit the is not operating properly, the technician should?

Consider the customer's opinion to see if they have merit.

The phrase "educate me and i will buy from you" means if the learns more about how you can fill their needs they are?

Most likely to buy your products

What is an acceptable practice when selecting a screwdriver?

Use a screwdriver for the specific screw type and fastening method for which it is designed.

What is the proper use of hand tools?

Clean and wipe them regularly.

A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) receptacle that is used to protect against?

Electrical shocks from defective appliances and extension cords.

A ceiling that slopes upward from the walls to the center of the room is referred to as a?

Vaulted Ceiling.

What is a Slap?

A type of residential flooring over a crawlspace.

Operating sound is a consideration in the location of a heating unit because?

Excessive noise could be disruptive to the customer.

3.41 BTU of heat is created by what?

1 Watt

A capacitor in an AC circuit is often used to?

Increase stating torque in some motors

Assuming that the circuit is energized the voltage read across an open switch is the?

Applied Voltage

A technician should measure resistance with a digital ohmmeter by?

Disconnecting the power

Electrically isolate the load

Connect leads across the load

Radiation is a method of heat transfer that does NOT require what?

Fluids or Solids

The Following is an example of a wet bulb thermometer

A conventional thermometer with a moistened cloth wick covering its' sensor

The temperature at which water vapor condenses is called the?

Dew Point

A tap is a tool specially made to?

Thread a hole in metal.

The frame of an electric motor is grounded to?

Maintain the frame at zero potential.

When making a flare, the height of the tubing above the flaring block is critical because?

A flare with too much height will not fit into the flare nut.

Sheathing is used over roof beams or rafter as?

A base for the roofing.

A class C fire extinguisher is used for what?

To extinguish an electrical fire.

What is a decibel?

A measurement of sound level.

Construction fall protection is required whenever working over?

A minimum of 4 feet.