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The unit of electrical pressure is the :


Each leg of line voltage only is typically represented by the:

Two lines on the side of a ladder diagram

The damper used with a bypass humidifier must be open in what season:


Capillary tubing should only be cut to length using a:

Triangular or knife-edge file

A voltmeter is connected for taking voltage readings by connecting the voltmeter in (Series or Parallel) with the voltage to be measured:


The following is an example of a wet bulb thermometer:

A conventional thermometer with a moistened cloth wick covering its sensor.

Electrical current is measured in:


What kind of process is Combustion:


A pictorial schematic is useful for:

Quickly visualizing each component in a unit

A sling psychrometer can measure wet bulb and dry bulb temperatures:

To compute measurements of relative humidity

The federal regulatory agency with jurisdiction over the shipping and labeling of refrigerants is:

Department of Transportation (DOT)

As a general rule, a continuity check using an ohmmeter shows continuity by:

A reading at zero or a specific resistance

An analog VOM is an electrical meter that displays:

Volts, Ohms, or Milliamperes on an analog scale

A digital electrical multimeter marked "auto ranging" will automatically set itself for:

A range of approximate value when set for volts, amps, or ohms

The input side of a step-down transformer is also properly called:

The Primary Side

The meter setting a technician should use to determine whether or not a set of contacts are open in an energized circuit:

Volt setting

Pictorial wiring diagrams generally show components in their:

Approximate positions in the equipment

To change the direction of rotation of a fan driven by a three-phase induction motor:

It is necessary to reverse the connections of only two motor leads

Lever type tubing benders are best used for:

Soft drawn copper tubing

When possible, avoid working on a slate tile roof because:

There is a high risk of slipping and falling on this type of roof.

The primary purpose for bringing outdoor air into a residential air distribution system is to:

Provide fresh air to a conditioned space

Power is measured in:


The following is proper for the care of hand tools:

Clean and wipe them regularly

A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) receptacle is a receptacle that is used to protect against:

Electrical shocks from defective appliances and extension cords

A ceiling which slopes upward from the walls to the center of the room is referred to as a:

Vaulted Ceiling

A slap is a type of residential flooring over what section of the residence:

Crawl space

Operating sound is a consideration in the location of a heating unit because:

Excessive noise could be disruptive to the customer.

3.41 BTU of heat is created by:

1 Watt

A technician should measure resistance with a digital ohmmeter by:

Disconnecting the power, electronically isolate the load, connect leads across the loads

What is a method of heat transfer that does NOT require fluids or solids:


The following is an example of a wet bulb thermometer:

A conventional thermometer with a moistened cloth wick covering its' sensor

The temperature at which water vapor condenses is called:

The dew point

A tool specifically made to thread a hole in metal is a:


The frame of an electric motor is grounded to:

Maintain the frame at a zero potential

When making a flare, the height of the tubing above the flaring block is critical because:

A flare with too much height will not fit into the flare nut

Sheathing is used over roof beams or rafters as a:

Base for the roofing

A class C fire extinguisher is used to extinguish:

Electrical fires

What unit is Sound level measured in:


Construction fall protection is required whenever working over a minimum of how high:

4 feet

Refrigerant vapors in high concentrations should not be inhaled sense they:
May cause heart irregularities or unconsciousness.