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What does the Ships' helm control?
The port and starboard rudders.
What is the Lee helm?
Throttle control of GTMs when control is shifted from the PACC to the Bridge.
What does the alarm panel on the Ships' Control Console (SCC) on the bridge indicate?
Flashing light and audible alarm indicates loss of steering.
Who is the Coxswain on a boat?
Senior enlisted member by positional authority. Overall in charge of boat and enlisted crew.
Who has authority over the boat Coxswain? Can he/she releive the Coxswain or assume their duties?
Boat Officer. No.
What is the purpose of the Engineer on a boat?
Acts as stern hook and ensures boat engine runs properly.
What is the boat's Bow Hook responsible for?
Casting forward of the boat from the ship.
What is the maximum capacity of the RHIB?
18 personnel.
What is the SLAD?
Slewing Arm Davit
The SLAD can launch the RHIB while underway at a speed of up to _____knots and up to sea state condition _____.
10, 5.
Can we land a helo at the forward VERTREP station? Where is the forward VERTREP station?
No. On the forecastle forward of the 5" gun on the center line.
CONREP Cargo Stations 1 and 2 are served by _____, located at frame _____.
retractable sliding padeye Kingposts, 38.
What type of fuel do UNREP Fueling Station 3 and 4 receive? Where are they located?
DFM only. 02 level frame 133 port and starboard.
Who is responsible for the planning and execution of deck seamanship evolutions including anchoring, mooring, fueling and UNREP?
First Lieutenant
What is the maximum range of the SPY-1 RADAR?
256 nm
What is the purpose and range of the AN/SPS-67 RADAR?
Surface search and navigation. Can detect surface contacts and low fliers.
What is the max range of SPS-67?
60 nm.
_____ is part of the Integrated Bridge System (IBS) and is the Ships' navigation radar.
Bridgemaster Echo (BME 340)
What is the operational range of the Bridgemaster Echo?
What radar system's antenna acts as a back-up antenna for the primary IFF phased array antenna?
What does IFF stand for?
Information Friend or Foe
What is the SPA-25?
RADAR repeater standalone computer for AN/SPS-67/IFF.
What is our primary air search radar? How many contacts can it track?
SPY-1. 256+ tracks.
Are GCCS-M tracks real time?
Which data link system is Jam resistant?
LINK 16.
Who supervises the ship's Naval Gunfire Support (NSFS) team and directs the employment of the 5" gun during Naval Gunfire Support missions?
Gunnery Liaison Officer
What does TIC stand for and what is he/she responsible for?
Tactical Information Coordinator. Responsible for LINK-11 and LINK-16 equipment and supervision of the IDS.
Who operates the SLQ-32 and monitors friendly EMCON emissions for violations?
Electronic Warfare Console Operator (EWCO)
What system is used in SSES?
Cooperative Outboard Logistics Update (COBLU)
What is the function of SSES?
Provide Indications and Warnings to TAO.
What is the ship's length?
509' 6 11/16"
What is the ship's beam?
66' 7"
What is the navigational draft?
33' 10"
What is the ship's displacement tons?
9180 tons
What is the ship's max speed?
30+ knots
What type of refueling has the helo engine shut off, aircraft grounded and secured?
cold refueling
What type of helo refueling has the engine engaged and running while taking on fuel?
hot refueling
What is HIFR?
Helicopter In-Flight Refueling
What is the waveoff light system?
Mounted on each side of the SGSI, provides a visual cue to the pilots when an unacceptable landing condition exists.
What is the tri-clolored beam of light that provides a safe approach path to the ship's deck for aircraft?
Stabilized Glide Scope Indicator (SGSI)
What flight deck condition indicates the ship is unable to launch/recover an aircraft?
Red Deck
What flight deck condition would indicate an aircraft is on deck with permission to start engine and engage rudders?
Amber Deck
What flight deck condition indicates the ship meets all requirements to launch/recover an aircraft?
Green Deck
The hook runner and maintenance crews wear a _____ colored uniform on the flight deck.
A yellow flight deck uniform indicates what?
Landing Signal Enlisted (LSE)
Aviation fuels crew wear what color uniform on the flight deck?
EOD, ordnance, crash and salvage team and ordnance officer wear what color flight deck uniform?
Who wears a white flight deck uniform?
Landing Signal Officer (LSO) and Safety Officer
Who onboard is in charge of damage control and is also the Gas Free Engineer?
DCA- Damage Control Assistant
Which engineering officer is in charge of the AC plant, Refrigerant Plant and AMER1 and 2?
Auxiliary Officer
Who is the assistant to CHENG?
Main Propulsion Assistant (MPA)
What is the PACC and where is it located?
Propulsion Auxiliary Control Console. Monitors GTM's, lube oil and fuel oil systems. Located in CCS.
What is the EPCC and where is it located?
Electric Plant Control Console. Monitors GTG's and RIMSS. Located in CCS.
Where are the ship's refrigeration condensing units located?
Refrigeration Machinery Room (2-240-1-E).
What is the temperature of the Chill Storeroom? Where is it located?
33-36 degrees F. (2-240-1-E)
What is the temperature of the Freeze Storeroom? Where is it located?
0 to -10 degrees F. (2-220-3-A)
What type of refrigerant is used in the AC plant?
AC system consists of _____ 200 ton York Marine Pak centrifugal A/C units.
Are all AC units independant of each other?
#1 and #1A AC units are located in _____.
AMR 1 (4-126-0-E)
#2 and #3 AC units are located in _____.
AMR 2 (4-220-0-E)
What is the Air Conditioning Machinery and Pump Room (5-300-01-E) also known as?
Shaft Alley
Where is #4 AC unit located?
Shaft Alley
What are the chill water pumps for each AC unit rated at? Where are they located?
900GPM @70 psi. Next to each AC unit.
How does the chill water system interface with SPY-1?
Direct feed from AC plants to SPY-1 arrays.
What electronic cooling skids do we have onboard?
Sonar cooling skid HD-1077 and C&D cooling skid HD-1157
What does the C&D cooling skid HD-1157 cool?
-SPY signal pro beam steering controller and RADAR beam programmer
-UYK-43 computers for SPY, C&D, WCS, and C2P.
-OJ-663 consoles in CIC
What is the function of bleed air?
Start air for GTM/GTG
Prarie air
Anit-Icing air
Masker air
What is prairie air?
(Propeller, Air, Internally, Emitted) Reduces noise from ship's propellers.
What is the purpose of masker air?
Masks the noise from machinery in main spaces.
What is the purpose of anti-icing air?
Prevents ice from forming in the intakes and becoming a FOD hazard to the GTMs and GTGs.
Where does bleed air come from?
14th stage of GTG and 16th stage of GTM
Where is bleed air monitored and controlled?
16th stage GTM controlled from PACC in CCS or SCU in mainspace.
14th stage GTG controlled from EPCC *push button*
Where are prairie air, masker air and anti-icing air controlled and monitored?
manually controlled by valves in MER.
Where are the prairie air coolers located? What is it's purpose?
Prevents emitted air from forming steam. Located in MER1 and MER2.
What is VCHT?
Vacuum, Collection, Holding, and Transfer.
What is the maximum cpacity of the VCHT system?
490 gallons
Where is forward VCHT?
How many VCHT discharge pumps are onboard? What are they rated?
2 per station. 40GPM @ 30psig
_____ is the toxic gas associated with the VCHT system.
Hydrogen Sulfide
Where are the High Pressure Air Compressors located onboard?
We don't have any.
What are the normal operating pressures for LP air?
-Lead Unit: loads at 115 psig and unloads at 125 psig.
-Stand-by Unit: loads at 110 psig and unloads at 120 psig
- Emergency Unit: loads at 100 psig and unloads at 115 psig
Where are the LP air compressors located onboard?
NR 2 and 3- MER2
What is the CRPP system?
Controllable Reversible Pitch Propeller system.
What is the purpose of the CRPP system?
Adjust the pitch of the propellers.
What is the HOPM?
Hydraulic Oil Power Module. Considered the heart of the CRPP system.
What two types of oil are in the CRPP system?
Control Oil- moves the AUX servo piston in the oil distribution box. 400 psig.
HP Oil- moves the main of hub servo piston located in the propeller hub assembly. Normally 500-800 psig, may get up to 1000psig.
What is the OD box and it's purpose?
Oil Distribution box. Contains CRP Aux Servo piston, which positions the valve rod on each shaft. Controls position of the blades.
What is the effect of ship's speed in relation to percentage of pitch to shaft rpm?
AHEAD 2/3 (100% pitch) to BACK FULL (-45% pitch) within a 60 second time frame. This is the maximum slew acceptable IAW EOP.
What is the purpose of Degaussing?
Counteract or neutralize the magnetic filed produced by the permanent and induced magnetization thereby making the ship "magnetically invisible". Reduces the possibility of being detected by magnetic sensors or detonating magnetic mines.
How many degaussing coils are onboard? Name them.
4. M-coil, A-coil, FI-QI coils, FP-QP coils.
Where is the Degaussing Switchboard located?
Where is the Degaussing system's Remote Control Panel located?
Where are the Degaussing systems power supplies located?
Refer decks
What is the Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System and it's purpose?
A small voltage (.75 volts) applied to the hull, preventing positive ions from attaching themselves to the hull, resulting in less rust.
What is the purpose of the automatic load shed feature?
Protects forward power from over powering by initialting stage 1 load shed when the power level is greater than 3,000 kwatts for a period of 100 milliseconds.
What are SSGTGs? How many are there and what are their purpose?
Ship's Service Gas Turbine Generators. Generate ship's power.
Where are the 3 SSGTGs located onboard?
AUX1, MER2 and #3GEN.
What is the EPCC? Where is it located?
Electric Plant Control Console. CCS.
What console provides remote starting/stopping of the GTGs, APU, and remotely controls all generator circuit breakers and crossties/longitudinal circuitbreakers?
The shore power switchboard provides shore power to the ship via _____circuit breakers. It is located in _____.
12. MER2. (max of 10 breakers used at one time)
What are the 3 configurations of 400 hz converters?
split plant operation, parallel operation and single converter operation
Where are the 400 hz switchboards located? How are they controlled?
FWD and AFT power conversion rooms. Controlled locally, CSMC has remote capability.
How many shore power terminals are there? Where are they located?
12 (400 amp) receptacles. Located amidships.
What is the output rating of the GTGs?
Amps: 4800amps
Kilowatts: 3000kw
Voltage: 450V
Frequency: 60hz .8 power factor
What is the purpose of the Automatic Paralleling Device?
Prevents GTGs from paralleling out of phase +/- 5% voltage, two hertz, negative ten to zero degrees phase angle.
What are the 3 configurations of 400hz converters?
split plant operation, parallel operation, single converter operation.
What are the 3 types of fuel onboard?
Naval Distillate (NATO F-76) DFM, JP-5, NATO-75 (in emergency situations)
What is the purpose of the Fuel Oil Service System?
Supply clean filtered fuel to the 4 GTMs and the 3 GTGs.
How mant F/O service systems are located onboard? Where are they located?
2 per MER.
Can the F/O service systems be cross connected?
What is a FOSP? How many are onboard?
Fuel Oil Service Pump. 2 per MER.
What is the purpose of the F/O service heaters? How many are they and where are they located?
Warms fuel to prevent gelling. 3 onboard. MER1, MER2, and 3GEN.
How many F/O emergency trip handlles/valves are there?
Four per MER.
What is a FOP? What are their purpose and where are they located?
Fuel Oil Purifier. Cleans fuel by removing water and sediment. #1 FOP in MER1 and #2 FOP in MER2.
Where are the F/O transfer heaters located? What are their purpose?
#1 in MER1 and #2 in MER2. Heats fuel to 85 degrees to assist the purifier in removing impurities from fuel.
Where is the JP-5 Service System located?
True or False. In an emergency the JP-5 FOSP can take suction directly from the storage tank bypassing the fuel oil heater and purifier.
How many transfer pumps are located in the JP-5 Service System? What is it rated?
one. 50 gpm @ 60psig
T/F JP-5 can be used as an emergency source of fuel for the GTEs or GTGs?
What is the maximum capacity of the F-76 storage tanks?
376,980 gallons
What is the maximum capacity of the F-76 service tanks?
74,883 gallons
What is the maximum capacity of the JP-5 storage tanks?
27,640 gallons
What is the maximum capacity if the JP-5 service tanks? How many service tanks are onboard?
3,092 total. 2 tanks onboard.
What is the purpose of the Seawater Compensating System?
Utilizes firemain to keep fuel storage tanks full. Automatically filled through pneumatically activated compensating valves. Allows the ship to ride lower in the water for increased stability.
How many GTMs are onboard? Where are they located?
4. 1A and 1B are located in MER1, 2A and 2B are located in MER2.
What 2 sections are the GTMs splint into?
gas generator (GG) and power turbine (PT)
What type of lube oil is used in the GTMs?
LM2500 synthetic lube oil (MIL-23699)
What is the purpose of the LOSCA? How many are they and where are they located?
Lube Oil Storage/Conditioning Assembly. Filters, cools and stores lube oil for GTMs. Each LOSCA is located one deck above it's associated GTM, allowing the attached lube oil pump suction to be supplied by gravity.
Where is fule mixed with bleed air and ignited in the GTM?
Each GTM has a 16-stage _____.
What is the purpose of the accessory gear box?
Provides power for engine lube oil and fuel oil pumps.
What is the GTM enclosure cooling system comprised of?
Cooling fan and vent damper.
What does the Main Lube Oil system provide lubrication for?
Gas Turbine L/O system, MRG, Main Thrust Bearing
How do the L/O settling tanks function?
Heats up causing impurities to settle at the bottom of the tank.
What is the purpose of the Main Reduction Gears? How many are there?
What is the horsepower of the MRG?
51,500 horsepower
What are the characteristics of the MRGs?
"Double, Double, Double, Single, Locked train".
Double reduction
Double helical-type of gear. 2 sets of teeth for better oil distro and noise reduction.
Double input- 2 GTMs
Single output-1 Shaft
Locked train-one gear turns they all turn
What is the purpose of the SSS clutch?
Connect the GTMs to the MRG power train. Fully automatic free wheeling devices that transmit torque through spleens and gear teeth machined in the clutch.
When will the SSS clutch engage?
When the input shaft speed is equal to or greater than the output shaft speed.
What does the SSS stand for when refering to the SSS clutch?
Synchro Self Shifting
How is the SSS clutch locked out?
Using a special "T" wrench
What is the purpose of the power turbine brake?
Holds the power turbine stationary until the engine is placed online.
Where are the Main Thrust Bearings located? What is their purpose?
Starboard shaft main thrust bearing is located in AMR1, Port shaft is in Shaft Alley. Absorb thrust from the shaft and transmits it to the hull of the ship.
What is the purpose of the line shaft bearings?
Prevent radial movement of the shaft.