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How A Bill Becomes A Law
Bill Proposed- by a Congressman
Committee Action- assigned to standing committee who may recommend passage or kill it
Floor Action- House and Senate debate the bill
Conference Action-Compromise bill sent for re-vote in both houses
Passage- sent to President for signature or veto
World Trade Organization (WTO)
Addresses issues of trade
United Nations (UN)
Works to keep peace among nations. They support social progress; fight poverty; protect human rights
North American Free Trade Association: removed most trade barriers between United States, Canada and Mexico
Peace Corps
Created as President Kennedy challenged students to make a difference in the world
World Health Organization (WHO)
Works to improve health for all people; ended smallpox and river blindness
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
Works to improve the lives of children around the world
International Red Cross
Gives aid to people who are victims of war or natural disasters
1. Cuban Missile Crisis
2. Vietnam War
3. WW II
4. Korean War

1. US and Soviet Union weapons race
2. US involved to try to stop spread of communism (Domino Theory)
3. US entered after Pearl Harbor and responded with only nuclear bombs that were ever used
4. US involved to stop communism led to permanent split of North and South Korea