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Point of View- Lamb to Slaughter
Omniscient limited
Setting- Lamb to Slaughter
Small town in Ireland.
Themes- Lamb to Slaughter
Identity and Betrayal
Point of View- Two Kinds
First person
Settings- Two Kinds
Chinatown in San Francisco
Themes- Two Kinds
Love, identity, mother daughter relationship.
Point of View- American History
First Person
Setting- American History
Patterson New Jersey
Themes- American History
Teen drama, racism.
Point of View- Where Have You Gone Charming Billy?
Omniscient Limited
Setting- Where Have You gone Charming Billy?
Vietnam During Vietnam War
Themes- Where Have You Gone Charming Billy?
War, fear, survival, stress.
Point of View- Most Dangerous Game
Omniscient Limited
Setting- Most Dangerous Game
Ship Trap Island- Caribbean
Themes- Most Dangerous Game
Survival and Revenge.
Themes- The Necklace
Generosity vs Greed
Appearance vs Reality
Setting- The Necklace
Paris France
Point Of View- The Necklace
Omniscient Objective
Themes- Scarlet Ibis
Brotherhood- Love and Pride
Setting- Scarlet Ibis
American South
Around 1915
Point Of View- Scarlet Ibis
First person
Themes- Cask Of Amontillado
Setting- Cask Of Amontillado
Carnival Season Italy
Point Of View- Cask Of Amontillado
First Person
Themes- The Sniper
War, horrors of war.
Setting- The Sniper
Dublin Ireland. 1922
Point of View- The Sniper
Omniscient Limited
Themes- Sound of Thunder
Survival and Regret
Setting- Sound of Thunder
United States- Jurassic Period 2055
Point of View- Sound of Thunder
Omniscient Objective
Themes- A Rose for Emily
Love, Loneliness.
Setting- A Rose for Emily
Point of View- A Rose for Emily
Omniscient Objective
Scarlet Ibis- What did Brother rename his brother?
How old was doodle when he began to crawl?
3 Years old, Walked when He was 6.
The Necklace- How much did her new dress cost?
400 franks.
The Necklace- What efforts are made to find the necklace.
Retrace where they walked, put a ad in the newspaper and call the cab company.
A Sound Of Thunder- What is the time period where this story begins, and where do they go?
Jurassic Period is where the story takes place, but the real time is 2055.
A Sound of Thunder- What was unusual about the path?
It was levitating in the air.
A Rose for Emily- What does the term "noblesse oblige" mean?
Being obligated.
A Rose for Emily- What Events cause the townspeople to call her "Poor Emily"?
Homer wasn't really going to marry her.
A Rose for Emily- What does Miss Emily tell the druggist the poison is going to used for?
She does not mention it, she just stares at him.
How many years pass between the smell and the deputation that visits Miss Emily about her taxes?
30 Years.
A Rose for Emily- What do the town members do about the small?
They spread lime over the place.
What did Miss Emily buy from the town Jeweler?
Silver toiletry set.
Most Dangerous Game- How does Zaroff become wealthy?
He invests in American companies.
Most Dangerous Game- What is the first conflict in the story?
Rainsford fighting the ocean.
Most Dangerous Game- How does Rainsford trick Zaroff?
Burmese Tiger, Malay Man Catcher.
Two Kinds- What kinds of telents does Jing- Mei's mother make her try?
Singing, acting, musical things.
Two Kinds- What does Jing Mei Promise to herself?
She promises to remain herself.
Two Kinds- How are the mother and daughter alike?
They are both stubborn.
American History- What is Elena's relationship with other students at school?
She doesn't get along with the,
American History- How are Eugene and Elena similar?
They both like to read.
American History- What is Elena's main focus the day that the President is killed?
Going over to Eugene's house.
Where Have You Gone Charming Billy?- How does Paul distract himself?
He counts and laughs.
Where Have You Gone Charming Billy?- What happened after Billy was loaded onto the helicopter?
He fell out of it.
Where Have You Gone Charming Billy?- Where are the soldiers marching to?
The ocean.
Where Have You Gone Charming Billy?- How long has Paul been in the war?
One day.
A Lamb to Slaughter- Why is Mary trying to save herself so badly?
She is pregnant with a child.
A Lamb to Slaughter- Who is Mary's alibi?
Sam the grocer.