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Which of the following fire detectors are commonly used in the power section of an engine nacelle

Rate of temperature rise detectors

What is the function of a fire detection system

To activate a warning device in the event of a power plant fire

Determine the fire extinguisher container pressure limits when the temperature is 75 degrees Fahrenheit

338 minimum and 424 maximum

How are most aircraft turbine engine parts to machine systems activated

Electrically discharged cartridges

How does carbon dioxide co2 extinguish an aircraft engine fire

Contact with air converts the liquid into snow in gas would smothers the flame

What retains the nitrogen charge and fire extinguishing agent in a high rate of discharge HDR container

Breakable disk and fusible disk

A continuous loop fire detector is what type of detector

Overheat detector

What is the operating principle of the spot detector sensor in a fire detection system

Bimetallic thermal switch that closes when heated to a high temperature

How is the fire extinguishing agent distributed in the engine section

Spray nozzles and preforating tubing

Which of the following is the safest fire extinguishing agent to use from a standpoint of toxicity and corrosion hazards

Bromotrifluoromethane (Halon 1302)

Which of the following is not used to detect fires in reciprocating engines nacelles

Smoke detectors

What is the principle of operation of the continuous loop fire detector system sensor

Core resistant material which prevents current flow at normal temperatures

The most satisfactory extinguishing agent for a tailpipe or intake fire is

Carbon dioxide

The explosive cartridge in the discharge valve of a fire extinguisher container is

A life dated unit

Why does one type of finwal fire detection system use spot detectors wired in parallel between two separate circuits

So that a single fault may exist in the system without sounding a false alarm

Which of the following fire detection systems measures temperature rise compared to a reference temperature


The pulling out or down in luminated fire handle in a typical large jet aircraft fire protection system commonly accomplishes what events

Closes fuel shutoff closes hydraulics shut off disconnect the generator field and arms the fire extinguishing system.

A fire detection system operates on the principle of a buildup of gas pressure within a tube proportional to temperature which of the following systems does this system define

Lindbergh continuous element system

The fire detection system that uses a single wire surrounded by a continuous string of ceramic beads in a tube is the

Finwal system

The fire detection system that uses two wires in bedded in a ceramic or within a tube is the

Kidde system

Hey fuel or oil fire is defined as a

Class B fire

A fire detection system that operates on the rate of temperature rise is a

Thermocouple system

A fire involving energized electrical equipment is defined as a

Class C fire

To continuous loop fire detection systems that will not test due to a broken detector element are the

Kidde system and the Fenwal system

In a fixed fire extinguisher in system there are two small lines running from the system in exiting overboard these lines exit ports are covered with a blowout Type Indicator disc which of the following statements is true

When the yellow indicator disk is missing it indicates the fire extinguishing system has been normally just discharged

The most satisfactory extinguishing agent for an electrical fire is

Carbon dioxide

Which of the following fire detection systems will not detected fire when an element is inoperative but will not test when the test circuit is energized huh

Kidd system and finwal system

Which of the following fire detection systems uses heat in the normal testing of the system

The thermocouple system in the Lindbergh system

After a fire is extinguished or overheat condition removed in aircraft equipment with a syndrone Donner fire detector the detection system

Automatically resets

The use of water on Class D fires

Will cause the fire to burn more violently and can cause explosions boom b******

For fire detection and extinguishing purposes aircraft power plant areas are divided into fire zones based on

The volume and smoothness of the air flow through engine compartments

What are the fire extinguisher container pressure limits when the temperature is 50°F

475 - 625 psig

True or false fire detection systems are cool