Fire Tetrahedron: The Four Types Of Fire

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“The most tangible of all visible mysteries-Fire,” said by Leigh Hunt brings us to think how amazing and destructive something so beautiful can be. Fire is considered one of the four basic elements and the fact is that nothing is basic about fires. The chemical process that occurs is what we see when the fire dances in front of our eyes. In the safety field there is an increased need for fire knowledge so that we can prevention and train employees on them. There are many components to consider especially when you add variables like chemicals, ignition sources, and etc. The fire triangle or fire tetrahedron helps explain the basics of what is needed to complete a chemical process to produce a fire. There are aspects of fire safety that we must consider. Fires spread at different rates depending on what reactions occurred in the fire tetrahedron. What are the stages of fire and how can we tell what way would put out the fire best. Its important to consider what types of fires there are also. Fire safety is necessary for every organization and company to ensure the …show more content…
There are ours ways to put out a fire. The first is when you reduce the heat that emitted from the material. An example of this would be to douse water on a heated object so the temperature drops dramatically. You want to be careful to pour enough water or cooling substance on it so the fire is out for sure. In some cases if enough water is not applied then it can actually help in increasing the possibility of a fire which has been an issue with grain keep in silos. The second option is to remove or eliminate oxygen from the area. The perfect example of this would be smothering out a grease fire at home. When oxygen is removed you disable the fire tetrahedron. The last two options are on part with removing components of the tetrahedron, which would be to remove the fuel and to break the chemical

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