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Base Station

a two way radio at a fixed site such as a hospital or dispatch center

mobile radio

a two-way radio that is used affixed to a vehicle

Portable Radio

a handheld two way radio


a device that picks up signals from lower power radio units, and re-transmits them at a higher power. To allow them to be transmitted over longer distances.

Therapeutic Communication

Use eye contact

Be aware of your position and body language

Use language the patient can understand

Be honest

Use patients name


Per-hospital Care Report (PCR)

Is a legal document

Drop report OR transfer report

an abbreviated form of the PCR that an EMS crew can leave at the hospital when there is not enough time to complete the PCR before leaving

Patient Information

Chief Complaint

Level of responsiveness (AVPU) mental Status

Systolic blood pressure

Skin Perfusion

Skin color and temp

Pulse rate

Respiratory rate and effort

Administrative Information

Time of Incident report

Time of notified

Time of arrival of patient

Time unit left scene

Time of arrival at destination

Time of transfer