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What is information system?

Input --> Process --> Output

Clinical data --> information

What is information technology?

Facilitates the process part of the information system

Components of the information techology

1. Hardware

2. Software

3. Telecommunications

4. Databases

Components of Computer based information system

1. People

2. Procedures

3. Information technology

Purpose of a Medical record

Diagnosis, Assessment, Consultation, Research

Sections of Medical Record (SOAP)

Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan

Give a context with paper --> technology other than health

Finance, Education


EMR: only clinical

EHR: not just a clinical context

EMR vs EMR system

EMR is the record itself

EMR system is a system (input --> output)

- IT based information system to manage EMR

-Function of paper based information paper system

Progress of Record Keeping

1. Paper- based medical records

2. Text Editing Software (MS Word)

3. More Appropriate Software (Excel)

- One document, trends, computations

- Manual generation of information

4. EMR system

- Everything automatic