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Barclay v An Post
Postal worker working in area with low post boxes. Sick leave. Comes back to increased work in that area. Successfully sues but only for the second period of sick-leave.
McLoughlin v Carr
Harloes Bar - pub vacated, guards coming, pub is subsequently robbed. Sues employer - received no training. Training would have been useless in such a situation.
Ryan v Ireland
Super army soldier tries to sue Army for injury sustained in combat. SC says there is no employment which is so inherently dangerous that the employer will not be held liable.
Walsh v Securicor (Ireland) Ltd.
Securicor van ambushed - foreseeable given that the route and timings had not changed in 7 years. Employers argued that this was due to a contractual obligation. However, no effort was made to change this.
McCann v Brinks Allied & Ulster Bank
Man delivering money robbed in space between van and bank. Can't get any closer due to bollards. This had happened before - some safety measures necessary.
Liability for Bullying/Harassment/Stress.
Ya dig?
Walker v Northumberland County Council
Dealing with stress as a result of child abuse cases. Comes back to more of the same STUFF. Sues for second period.
Sutherland v Hatton
No such thing as a job too stressful, must take at face value everything employee says (unless there is a known vulnerability), must set have programmes to assist employees.
Barber v Somerset County Council
Teacher forced to take on lotso responsibilities, suffers nervous breakdance. The dissent was strongly against finding for the plaintiff.
Green v DB Group Services
Plaintiff bullied loads and suffers psychiatric damage. The bullies were able to carry out the bullying by virtue of their positions within the country.
McGrath v Trintech Technologies
Sutherland props adopted into Irish law. Injury from work related stress. However, failed to put employer on notice, so can't be liable.
Quigley v Complex Tooling and Moulding
Case fails on causation, despite poor procedural response from employer.
Maher v Jabil Global Services Ltd
Period of overwork and underwork. 3 step test: injury to health? Attributable to workplace? Foreseeable?
Berber v Dunnes Stores
Nyhan v Commissioner of An Garda Siochona
Sweeney v Balinteer Community College
All fail on foreseeability