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What surfaces are bleed air heated?
-Wing and horizontal stabilizer leading edges.
-Engine air inlet lips
What surfaces are electrically heated?
-Windshields, pilot tubes, and pitot-static tube
-Angle of Attack (AOA) sensors
-Total Air Temperature (TAT) probes
-Air Data Computer (ADC) static ports & Pressurization static ports
What section of the engine does the bleed air come from?
Compressor section
How is the bleed air ducted to the leading edge of the wings and the horizontal tail?
The Piccolo tubes
Wings use which side of the bleed air system? Which side does the horizontal stabilizer use?
Wings use their respective side (left and right)
Horizontal stabilizer primarily uses left
What is the purpose of the Cross Bleed Valve?
It opens automatically to ensure adequate airflow to both wings and the stabilizer
When the Ice Detector is in the AUTO position, when will the ice protection system activate?
-Any time at least one of the ice detectors sense ice on the ground and wheel speed is greater than 25 knots, or the airplane is in flight
What thickness of ice buildup on the probe will the ice detector system detect? How does it work?
.5mm, they vibrate ultrasonically and the ice buildup changes the frequency of the vibration
What happens when you manually move the Anti-icing switch from AUTO to ALL?
On the ground the engine lip anti-ice will be active with the knob in the ALL position, and the wing and stabilizer will be heated on the ground at a wheel speed of 25 knots or more, or in flight regardless of whether the detectors sense ice.
Tell me about the windshield anti ice
-Heated by an electric grid embedded in them.
-Buttons on the overhead panel control left and right windshield heating, and separate power supplies are provided for each.
What are the sensors on the windshield anti ice?
One for temperature control, a second for overheat protection, and a third is a spare for use by maintenance personnel.
What does the Sensor Heating System protect?
Pitot tubes 1 & 2, Pitot/Static 3, Pressurization System & AD static ports, TAT sensors 1 & 2, and AOA vanes 1 & 2. All the sensors are electrically heated.
What are the three functional logics of the Sensor Heating System when it is in automatic mode?
1. Pitot 1 & 2 and Pitot/Static 3, AOA 1 & 2, ADC Static ports 1,2,3 & 4, and Pressurization static ports 1 & 2 are heated whenever at least one engine is running.

2. A separate logic assures Pitot/Static 3 and pressurization system static port 2 are heated in flight.

3. TAT 1 & 2 are heated if either engine anti-ice is functioning on the ground or the airplane is in flight