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What are the purposes of G-05 Gas Turbine Generator?

- Station Black Out - alternate AC power source to achieve and maintain Safe Shutdown.

- Appendix R power to safe shutdown loads for alternate safe plant shutdown.

- Peaking power

What is the time requirement for re-powering the Station Battery Chargers on a loss of power?

Must be re-powered within one hour.

How does the Gas Turbine generate atomizing air for the combustors?

A 15 stage axial air compressor draws in outside air and delivers it to the combustors at 90-105#.

How are "Stall" and "Surge" minimized in the Gas Turbine Compressor?

The Bleed Valve vents air an intermediate stage of the compressor to atmosphere to increase air mass flow rates during startup (0-4300 rpm).

What will cause a Lockout of G-05 Gas Turbine Generator?

- Loss of Excitation

- Negative Sequence

- Overcurrent

- Overexcitation

- Reverse Power

- High Generator Temperature

- Over Frequency

- Generator Differential

How does the Gas Turbine Axial Air Compressor assist in cooling the Turbine Blades?

LP air from the 9th stage provides cooling to the stationary blades, and the HP air from the last stage provides cooling for the disc cavities and rotating blades.

When are the igniters used on the G-05 Combustor Baskets?


How are they protected during normal operation?

Igniters serve to assist ignition during startup.


Once ignition is self sustained, pressure in the combustor is high enough to overcome spring pressure, and push the igniters out of the basket.

What protective functions do the flame detectors provide?

During startup one flame detector showing flame out will trip the unit.

During normal operation, two adjacent flame detectors in alarm will cause a trip.

What inputs does the Fuel Control PLC use to determine the correct amount of fuel supply?

- Exhaust Temperature

- Blade Path Temperature

- Start Fuel Scheduler

- Load Controller

- Speed Controller

Describe the Start sequence for G-05 Gas Turine.

- On start, with adequate lube oil pressure, the Turning Gear Energizes and rotates the generator at 6 rpm

- When on the Turning Gear, the Starting Diesel G-500 will start and raise G-05 speed via the speed increaser and overrunning clutch.

- At 2500 rpm the Gas Turbine is self sustaining, and the starting diesel shuts down.

What happens on a loss of power to the G-05 Aux Transformer?

An undervoltage device on the transformer causes G-501 Aux Diesel to start, trip the 52N Breaker, and when G-501 is at adequate speed and voltage the 52E Breaker will close. Also Generates Loss of AC Control Voltage Alarm.

When power is restored to X-500 transformer, how is normal power restored to G-05 Auxiliaries?

Power is transferred back to X-500 manually either manually by dead bus transfer, or using the Manual switch and pushing the re-transfer pushbutton.

What is the normal power supply to the TSC loads?


What occurs on a loss of normal power?


How is normal power restored?

Normal TSC power is from 1B-01.


On a loss of normal power G-501 Auxiliary Diesel receives a start signal, and the Normal Seeking ABT transfers to the 52T breaker.


Upon sensing normal power restored for 30 min, the Normal Seeking ABT transfers back to 1B-01. After 5 minutes on normal power, G-501 receives a shutdown signal.

Which G-501 load has the priority, G-05 Auxiliaries, or the TSC?

G-05 Auxiliaries have priority over the TSC. The two breakers can be closed at the same time, but this requires stripping loads off B-500 to prevent overloading G-501.

Describe the interlocks between the 52E, 52N, and 52T breakers.

There is a hard interlock between the 52N and 52E breakers, they cannot be closed at the same time.

Providing the 52E breaker is closed first, the 52E and 52T breakers can be closed at the same time.

Having the 52N or 52T breakers closed will lock out the 52E breaker.

What is the normal speed of the Gas Turbine?


What is the mechanical overspeed trip setpoint?


What is the normal speed of the Generator?

Gas Turbine spins at 490 rpm.


Overspeed trip at 5400 rpm.


Generator spins at 900 rpm.

How many poles on G-05 Gas Turbine Generator?

120 x frequency = Speed x # of poles

# of Poles = 120 x 60 / 900

8 poles

How is the G-05 Gas Turbine Lube Oil cooled?

Lube oil is cooled in a glycol shell and u-tube heat exchanger, glycol is cooled by two glycol radiator coolers.

What will cause a start of the Auxiliary DC Lube Oil Pump?

DC Lube Oil Pump starts at a lube oil pressure of 10#.

How does the G-05 Gas Turbine overspeed trip mechanism work?

High pressure control oil is used to hold open the fuel supply valve. The overspeed trip dumps the high pressure control oil to the reservoir causing the fuel supply valve to trip shut.

What is the source of fuel for G-05 Gas Turbine Generator, and how is it transferred to G-05?

T-32A and B Above Ground Fuel Oil Storage Tanks provide fuel oil to G-05 via P-105 Fuel Oil Transfer Pump and P-503 Fuel Pump.

How are the flame detectors protected from carbon build up?

Purge air is pointed at the flame detectors which helps keep them free of carbon.

How is G-05 speed regulated on startup?

The Starting Diesel is started and its fuel supply is controlled by G-05 Start Circuitry, fuel oil feed supply is programmed to accelerate the diesel by a timer.

What cools G-500 Starting Diesel and it's Torque Converter?

Both are cooled by Glycol.

How do G-501 Auxiliary Diesel Generator and G-500 Starting Diesel receive fuel oil?

Fuel is transferred by a local manual fill station.

What is the difference between a normal start and a fast start of G-05?

In Fast mode, timers operate more quickly and turbine temperature control and protection setpoints change to be less restrictive.

What output should you expect at Minimum Load?


What is the difference between Base Load and Peak Load?

Minimum Load is approximately 3 MW.


Peak load is basicly Base load with slightly more generation due to higher allowed blade path and exhaust temperatures.

What happens to G-05 if in operation during a 13.8 kV fast bus transfer?

G-05 and the output breaker will trip on a 13.8 kV fast bus transfer.

How is an emergency shutdown of G-05 performed from the Control Room?

- If <3MWe, press the stop pushbutton.

- If >3MWe, then trip H52-05 G-05 Gas Turbine Generator Output Breaker, then push the Stop pushbutton.

How is G-05 Gas Turbine tripped locally?

- Push the Emergency Stop Pushbutton on RK-195.

- E-Stop Pushbutton on C-500

- Press Emergency Stop on the HMI

- Select OFF on start Permissives Graphic on the HMI

- Opening Manual Trip Valve GT-35

How is G-500 Starting Diesel shutdown in an emergency?

Via the E-Stop Gas Turbine Starting Diesel Pushbutton, N side of the SW door in the GTB.

How often is G-501 Auxiliary Diesel Generator filled when providing G-05 Gas Turbine Auxiliaries?

Filled approximately once every 45 minutes.

What will happen if G-05 Auxiliaries are transferred to the 52E breaker while G-05 is in operation?

G-05 will trip if auxiliaries are transferred during operation.

Why do we normally operate with one of the H52-21 / 31 breakers open?

Operation with the X-03 Transformers paralleled and the 21 / 31 breakers closed can cause grid load to be transferred across the 13.8 kV system if the 345 kV buses are not intact.