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What is induction?
the process of charging a conductor by bringing it near another charged object and grounding the conductor, allowing the electrons to leave
What property was discovered in Millikan's experiment? Explain this property.
With an oil drop experiment: discovered THAN WHEN AN OBJECT IS CHARGED, ITS CHARGE IS QUANTIZED
How are gravitational force and electrical force alike AND different?
alike: both exerted w/out contact; thus a field force
different: electric is either attractive or repulsive. Gravitational is only attractive.
-Electrical forces are much stronger than gravitational forces
What are the 2 types of electric charge?
positive and negative
What is a positive ion?
What is a negative ion?
What are charged particles called?
What is an electron's charge?
1.6 E -19 C
What is an Electron's charge and mass?
charge: -1.6 E -19 C
mass: 9.109 E -31 kg
What is an Proton's charge and mass?
charge: +1.6 E -19 C
mass: 1.673 E -27 kg
What is a conductor?
a material that charge can travel through easily (think: free electrons)
What is an insulator?
a material that charge cannot readily travel through
What is grounded?
when a conductor is placed in contact w/ the earth. When this happens, charge flows freely and is redistributed (cancels out)
What is polarization?
In the presence of a charged object, the centers of charge for an insulator will shift, resulting in more positive charge on one side of a molecule than on the other
Is there a note charge for a polarized object?
NO, dude
In polarization, can electrons leave?
no, dude, seriously?
Polarization only works in _________
What is sigma Σ
sum of all electric forces
What is the equilibrium position of a charge?
the location at which the net electric force on the charge is zero
What's an electric field?
a region in a space around a charged object in which a stationary charged object experiences an electric force because of its charge
Is E a vector or scalar?
VECTOR, dude
What are electric field lines?
lines that represent both the magnetic & the direction of the electric field
On electric field lines, a GREATER # OF LINES MEANS:
a stronger electric field
What is electric potential?
What is Voltage?
electric potential, lolzers
What can a capacitor do?
-tune frequency of radio receivers -eliminate sparking in car ignition systems
-store electricity in electronic flash units
-capacitors act as a storehouse of charge and energy
What is capacitance:
the ability of a conductor to store energy in the form of electrically separated charges
Capacitance also depends on:
size & shape of the capacitor
What increases the capacitance of the capacitor?