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Cognitive or academic vocabulary

Vocabulary needed to understand the concepts of school.

the Apache and Comanche domesticated the horse

Caused them to become skillful hunters and warriors


Located in the region known as Mesopotamia

Iraq is a Muslim nation

Largest group: Arabs (Shiite and Sunni Muslims)

Kurds: largest minority group.

A globe is a scale model of the Earth because it's the same shape as the earth more accurate

Mercator projection map is a flat representation of the Earth

Compass rose

Shows orientation of a map on earth that shows (n e s w) and in between directions (se nw)

When the banking industry is strong

there is an adequate supply of currency, fiscal, stability, and economic growth are more likely to occur

Southern Colonies

Based on crops of tobacco, rice, indigo and cotton

Plantations produced agricultural crops in large scale

Exploited workers as well as the environment.

The Virginia house of burgesses was the first legislature established in the English colonies

Established in 1619 and became the first form of government in the colony

The U.S. Constitution set up a system

Each branch of the government has the power to control or regulate the power of the other two

Metric system

Very precise system that allows for the measurement of very s amounts of matter