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Primary source
A source from that particular time period
Secondary source
A source interpreted from the primary source
A graphic representation of a succession of historical events
A visual representation of location, distance, physical feature, resource, climate and so on.
used to present visual data
Scale models
models of something that is a real size
First permanent United States colony in 1607
John Smith
Jamestown colony leader
Indentured Servants
A person who agreed to work several years for a person or company in return for passage to America
a small group of religious seperatists
William Bradford
Pilgrim leader
Pilgrims ship
Mayflower Compact
agreement to the Plymouth Colony, had self government and majority rule
Plymouth Colony
place where pilgrims lived
mayflower compact first form of democracy
1629 a larger group than the pilgrims came
John Winthrop
Puritan leader
Joint stock company
raises capital by the purchase of stocks
Massachusets Bay Colony
joint stock company that puritans formed
1692 A place in Massachusetts were young grils where accused of being witches
Witch Trials
20 executions, 19 hung another crushed by rocks
belied in the dignity and worth of each person
New Englanc Colonies
massachusetts, new hampshire, rhode island and connecticut. fishing, trading and shipbuilding
Middle Colonies
new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, delaware. grain grown on family sized farms
Southern Colonies
maryland, virginia, north carolina, south carolina and georgia. tobacco, indigo and rice grown
Salutary Neglect
England in 1st half of 18 century did not attempt to excercise economic or political control over colonies
French and Indian War
1763, England had a lot of debt from this war and levied taxes from colonies
Stamp Act of 1763
placed tax on newpapers and legal documents
Townsend Acts
required new taxes on tea, glass, paint and paper
Boston Massacre
Tension between English soldiers and American Colonists led to an incident by which five colonists where killed