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Falx Cerebri

- Dural fold between the two cerebral hemispheres

- superior fixed margin, inferior free margin

- Anchored to:

--> Internal occipital protuberance- posterior region

--> crista galli- anterior region

Fall Cerebelli

- Dural fold between the two cerebellar hemispheres

- Posterior fixed margin, anterior free margin

- anchored to:

--> occipital bone

Tentorium Cerebelli

- Forms a roof or tent over the cerebellum

- separates the cerebellum from the cerebrum

-Anchored to:

--> fall cerebri

-->occipital bone

-->petrous part of the temporal bone

-->anterior and posterior clinoid processes

Diaphragma Sellae

- Forms a roof of the hypophyseal fossa

- central opening for the infundibulum of the pituitary gland (opening for the stalk of the pituitary gland to pass through)

- Anchored to:

--> anterior and posterior crinoid processes

Superior sagittal sinus

- travels along the midline in the superior margin of falx cerebri

-drains into: confluence of sinuses

- forms the right transverse sinus

inferior sagittal sinus

- tranverls along the inferior border of the falx


- drains into: straight sinus

straight sinus

- travels posteriorly at junction of falx and tentorium cerebelli

- Drains into: confluence of sinuses

- forms the left transverse sinus

Occipital sinus

- travels in the fixed margin of the falx cerebelli against the occipital bone

- Drains into: confluence of sinuses

Confluence of sinuses

- dilated space at the interval occipital protuberance

- superior sagittal sinus, occipital sinus, and straight sinus drain into here

- Drained via: right and left traverse sinus

Transverse sinus

- travel within the fixed margin of the tentorium cerebelli

- right transverse sinus receives blood from the superior sagittal sinus

- Left transverse sinus receives blood from the straight sinus

- Drain into: sigmoid sinuses