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Inner forces of personality that hold back one's impulsive behavior
Percentage of alcohol in a person's bloodstream determined by chemical tests
Blood - alcohol concentration
Infraction a driver with a BAC of 0.08 can be charged with
Driving while intoxicated (DWI)
A drug that slows down the central nervous system
On-the-spot roadside tests that help a police officer detect driver impairment from alcohol
Field sobriety test
Drugs that can be obtained legally without a doctor's order
Over-the-counter medicine (OTC)
Where young people help other young people male responsible decisions
Peer education
A mind - altering drug that changes a personality and distorts vision and perception
A drug that speeds up a person's central nervous system
Machine that determines BAC by measuring a person's breath
Drugs that can only be purchased under a doctor's order
Prescription medicines
A person's alcohol-induced false feeling of well-being
A law that makes it illegal for persons under 21 to drive with any measurable amount of alcohol in the blood
Zero-tolerance law
The influence that others of similar age and/or interests have on another person
Peer pressure
By accepting a driver's license, a person agrees to be tested for BAC if stopped for suspicion of alcohol or drug use while driving
Implied-consent law
The involuntary jerking of the eyes as a person gazes to the side
Decides ahead of time to abstain from drinking at social functions
Designated driver
Myth or Fact: A person can burn off alcohol by strenuous activity
Myth or Fact: A person will be affected by drinking beer
Myth or Fact: A person will not drive as well after a few alcoholic drinks
Myth or Fact: Alcohol will not affect a person who has built up a tolerance
Myth or Fact: A person can sober up by drinking black coffee and taking a cold shower
The main factors that determine the degree of impairment caused by the consumption of alcohol
Amount of alcohol in bloodstream depending on the amount consumed, period of time when alcohol has been consumed, body weight, amount of food in stomach
The minimum drinking age is what
There are many types of alcohol, including the following:
Methanol (wood), isopropyl (rubbing), ethanol (alcohol)
Alcohol is classified as
A depressant
Explain what an implied consent law means
to a field sobriety test and/or a Breathalyzer or similar manner of determining blood alcohol concentration.
The percentage of alcohol in the bloodstream depends on several factors
The more a person drinks, higher BAC, a person's BAC rises rapidly with less time between drinks, weight, food in stomach
The safest decision a person can make about drinking alcohol is to
Abstain entirely
One way to reduce the risks of drinking and driving is to appoint a
Designated driver
Responsible friends can do the following:
Encourage friends to limit their driving by getting them involved in other activities, encourage them to decide on a limit of drinks in advance, ask them to avoid drinks with high concentrations of alcohol
Drugs that are available without a doctor's prescription
OTC- Over the Countet
Drugs that cannot be purchased without a doctor's order
The effects of combining alcohol with other drinks
Extremities of emotions, such as depression, lethal results
Implied Consent Law
Anyone who operates a motor vehicle automatically consents to be tested for BAC and other drugs if stopped for suspicion of drug use
What are the two things you should do if ever stopped by a law enforcement officer?
If you see a signal, slow your vehicle until you are sure the officer is signaling you, pull over to the right and stop in a safe place. Also, don't reach for anything-put your hands up unless told otherwise