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A door may have a glass pane, or there may be a window next to the door called a


___ are found wherever large unobstructed wall openings are needed, such as loading docks.

Service doors

These doors are constructed of dozens of interlocking horizontal steel slats that move up and down in tracks at both sides of the door opening.

The ends of the slats do not have wheels or rollers attached to them, but the ends of every other slat have small metal guides that slide up and down in the track.

Usually raised and lowered from inside the building using a manually operated or electrically driven chain hoist one side of the door.

Steel roll-up door

Merely larger versions of some residential garage doors

These doors are usually have small steel wheels attached to the ends of each panel or section that move in steel tracks at each side of the doorway opening

Commonly open and closed by an electrically driven chain mechanism attached at the center of the top most panel of the door

Sectional door

These metal roll up doors look exactly like conventional steel rollup doors so the existence of my particular occupancy must be identified during pre-incident planning.

Dozens of individual interlocking slats, ___ doors are made up of a few interlocking flexible panels of relatively light gauge metal

Sheet curtain

Front (Term)

Steel roll up door

Front (Term)

Sheet curtain door

These doors consist of a number of interlocking, inverted U-shaped metal sections

When the door is open, the sections are nested together at the top of the doorway opening.

Telescoping door

These are generally suspended from a horizontal track on the exterior wall of a building. Most are moved laterally when pushed open or closed.

Sliding door (exterior)

These doors vary from wooden slab doors or lightweight wooden or metal sectional doors (typical of residential garage doors) to heavy-duty service doors used in commercial and industrial occupancies.

Overhead type doors

These doors consist of two layers (skins) separated by at least 2 inches of air space.

Telescoping doors

Depending upon the size of the door, the space between the inner and outer skin can be more than __ inches in telescoping doors.