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Question 1
Answer 1
Question 2
This question is on 2 lines.
Answer 2

answer 2 is

on 3 lines with spaces in between.
Set Vertical Alignment to 'top' for images
text describing answer image
Question 4

8.5x11 and a4 paper sizes (among others) are supported for pdf printouts.
Answer 4

Many fonts are available.
Question 5

HTML printouts can quickly produce double sided flashcards using the "fold glue and cut" technique. See the print page for details.
Answer 5

HTML printouts work with all character encodings.
Question 6

PDF printouts work great for back to back printing on thick card stock.
Answer 6

Back to back printing works best if the borders are turned off on the answer side. Use the borders on the question side as a guide for cutting.
Question 7

The basic print list is a great way to get an overview of the flashcards in a card set.
Answer 7

Images are printed as small thumbnails in the basic print list.
Question 8

Flashcards from different card sets can be combined to create custom print lists.
Answer 8

Print any of the 1 million+ flashcards in the system!
Question 9

We respond quickly to all inquiries.
Answer 9

Report all printing bugs to