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Explain the function of the Ship's helm (SCC).
Ship's Control Consol - Primary steering station, controls port & stbd rudders.
Explain the function of the Lee helm (BCU).
Bridge Control Unit - Primary Throttle control of the GTM's when shifted from the PACC.
Explain the function of the SCC alarm panel.
Flashing light and audible alarm indicate a loss of steering.
Explain the function of Auto Pilot.
Input steering commands.
Discuss & identify the boat crew.
Coxswain - Overall in charge of boat

Boat Officer - Command over Coxswain but cannot relive them.

Engineer - Make sure the boat engine is working and also acts as the stern hook

Bow Hook - Casting forward of the boat from the ship.
What is the maximum limit of a RHIB?
18 persons including a crew of 3.
Discuss the slewing arm davit (SLAD).
Launch - Can launch RHIB underway at 10kts in a sea state of 5

Recovery - Can recover a RHIB at 10kts in a sea state of 5.
Discuss Vertical Replenishment (VERTREP).
Helicopters airlift solid cargo, light stores, mail and personnel.

FWD VERTREP - 01 level forward of 5" gun on center line.

AFT VERTREP - Flight deck
Discuss Connected Replenishment (CONREP).
Supply ship transfers solid cargo, personnel and fuel.

Station 1 & 2 - Sliding padeye kingpost

Station 3 & 4 - Fueling-at-Sea (FAS), 02 level, port and stbd.

Station 5 & 6 - Tilting sliding kingpost, 01 level, port and stbd.

Station 7 - Fixed tripod FAS

Station 8 - Bulkhead mounted FAS

Astern Refueling Station