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Where is Curitiba? And what is said to be a model of for other cities to follow?

Southern Brazil. Sustainable development.

What did Curitiba won in 2010? And what happened to population growth since 1950?

International Globe Award for it's environmentally friendly schemes.

Extremely rapid and is a city of 3.2 million today.

Is the resource use and waste produced per person is among the lowest or highest in the world considering the standard of living of its residents


Curitibas transport system Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is highly successful.

It is based on articulated buses that run on 5 major routes in the city.

Do buses have priority over other vehicles ? How frequent is the bus service? How many peeps use the BRT everyday ?

Yes, every 90 secs and 2.2million everyday

How has this been achieved?

On a v low budget but with creativity in urban planning and a commitment to improving the quality of life in the city.

Who has been inspired by Curitiba and they have adopted similar pubic transport system

Bogota, Colombia and Guatemala city

What are the effects of low fares and effects of buses running on biodiesel?

Serves peeps on low income

Less polluting emissions than norm diesel and renewable

How many km of cycle track does it have and how much is set for ? And why is cycling promoted?

200km ➡️ 400m and as Eco-friendly and healthy way to travel when Curitiba host the World Cup football matches in June 2014

Recycling of waste in the city is well organised ... What slogan does it go under?

Garbage is not garbage

There is a high level of participation by residents to sort out their rubbish. How much of domestic waste is recycled?

70% and waste disposal into landfill has been reduced.

What are slum neighbourhoods offered and describe

'Green Exchange ' rubbish is collected can be exchanged for food bus tickets and school equipment.

This encourages people to take responsibility for their local environment and helps people on v low incomes

When was the city centre closed to traffic and what this mean

1974 gives priority to pedestrians and improve the quality of the environment

It boasts the lowest air pollution in any major city in Brazil.

The Rua de XV Novembro is now know known as Rue das Flores ( road of flowers)

What is Curitiba known as ? How many parks have been lauded out? And how many trees have been planted?

'Green City' 17 parks 1.5 million trees

What are the parks used for what is this to reduce the need of? And what are sheep used for?

Flood storage reduce need for hard engineering to manage flood risks downstream.

Sheep used to 'mow' parks instead of lawnmower stay contribute to air pollution

What have these schemes reduce?

Resource use and waste production making it a more sustainable urban area than most on planet.