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Which of the following is the wound classification for a broncoscopy

Clean- Comtaminated

The enzyme used to soften the zones of the lens before cataract surgery is


Which of the following is a curved,transverse incision across the lower abdomen frequently used in gynecological surgery?


Which of the following structures is located in the alveolar processes


How should the stretcher be oriented when necessary to use an elevator to transport a patient to the OR

Enter head first exit feet first

When perforated metal trays are placed on the shelves of the steam sterilizing cart,they should be positioned


Hyperkalemia is a high concentration of


Which of the following tissues are cut using curved Mayo scissors


Which laser beam can travel through clear tissues without heating them?


Permission for treatment given with full knowledge of the risks is a/an

Informed consent

Which portion of the stomach surrounds the lower esophageal sphincter.


Low level disinfectants kill most microbes,but do not destroy


Syndactyly refers to

Webbed fingers

The islets of Langerhans secrete


What type of procedure would involve the removal of teeth


Which organism is a normal resident flora of the intestinal tract

Escherichia coli

Where should the first scrub ST stand when handing towels to the surgeon to square of an incision site.

Same side as the surgeon

A properly performed surgical scrub renders the skin

Surically clean

Through which of the following do common bile duct and pancreatic duct empty

Ampulla of vater

Which of the following identifiers must be verified by the patient or their ID bracelet prior to transporting a patient to the OR

Name,date of birth,physician

What are spiral shape bacteria called


The primary function of the gallbladder is to.

Store bile

Which of the following is a non sterile member of the surgical team


Which of the following is not a benefit of using surface mounted sliding doors for access to the operating room.

Aid in controlling temperature

What are three factors for reducing ionizing radiation exposure

Time, shielding, Distance

Which is the first part of the small intestine


What is the surgical position frequently used for patients undergoing kidney surgery


How are rickettsiae transmitted

Arthropod bites

Which of the following is an examination of the cervix using a binocular microscope


Compression of the heart from excessive fluid or blood buildup is called


Which surgical team member determines when the patient can be transported from the OR to PACU

Anesthesia provider

Which suffix means surgical puncture to remove fluid


To which portion of the colon is the appendix attached


Which laboratory test determines bacterial identification

Gram stain

Medication used to dilate the pull is called


Which oft the following drapes is non fenestrated? Laparotomy,U-drape,transverse,craniotomy


Under what circumstances would it be appropriate to remove a patients identification

Never until patient is discharge from facility

What is the position most commonly used for mitral valve replacement


Which laser is best used during a vitrectomy


Which of the following monitors provides positive assurance of sterility


The apron like structure attached to the greater curvature of the stomach is the


Which microbes live without oxygen


Which of the following is an abnormal tract between two epithelium lined surfaces that is open at both ends.


What is the action of antagonist drugs

Counteract the action of another drug

Which of the following directional terms describes the type of skin prep of an entire extremity


What organs are excised if an ovarian tumor is malignant

Bilateral fallopian tubed and ovaries,uterus

Which term refers to an abnormal thoracic curve of the spine referred to as hunchback


What is the medical term for a bunion

Hallux valgus

What incision is also known as a lower oblique


The small intestine attaches to the posterior abdominal wall by the


What is the term for a relationship in which two organisms occupy the same area and one organism benefits while the other is unharmed


A topical steroid used to reduce inflammation after eye surgery

Depo Medrol

How is the surgical I formed consent signed if an adult patient is illiterate

Patient marks with an X and witness verifies

What direction should the stretcher be oriented when transporting a patient to the OR department

Feet first side rails up

Which of the routine preoperative laboratory studies would be ordered for premenopausal women with no history of hysterectomy. HCG,HBV,HIV,HDL


What portion of the surgical gown is considered non sterile

Upper arms, next line, axillary region

What is the surgical position commonly used for thyroid and gallbladder surgery.

Reverse Trendelenburg

What is the name of the urinary catheter with a dmall,curved tapered tip used on patients with urethral strictures


A congenital defect in which the fetal blood vessel between the pulmonary artery and aorta does not close is

Patent ductus arteriosus

Which of the following is commonly used preservative for tissue specimens


What is the first step taken for an incorrect sponge count

Notify the surgeon

The month's may be diagnosed by finding inflammation and which of the following glands


What institutional document is completed when an adverse or unusual event takes place in the O.R that may have legal consequences for staff or patient

Incident report

For which procedure would Trendelenburg position provide optimal visualization


Which of the following is not adhering dressing


Which of the following is a fenestrated drape. Invise,U-Drape,aperture,elastoplast


Which of the following terms describes a hernia within Hesselbachs triangle


Which of the following incisions is oblique


Which of the following is a mechanical method of hemostasis


What dilators are used in the common duct


The organ that is connected by a duct to the duodenum is the


A brain tumor causing alteration of muscle tone voluntary muscle coordination gait and balance would likely be located in the


What is the term for a relationship that benefits one organism at the expense of another


What type of disease is characterized by rapid onset and rapid recovery


Which organelle is responsible for the production of energy


What type of anesthesia is combination of inhalation and intravenous drugs


Who is ultimately responsible for obtaining the surgical informed consent


What position is the most commonly used for neurosurgical procedures


The outer layer of the intestine is the


What solution should be used to prep the donor site for a split thickness skin graft


What type of drape would be used for the flank procedure


Where should the safety strap be placed on a patient who is in the Supine position

Over the thighs

Which surgical procedure is performed to correct an abnormality in which the urethral meatus is situated on their Superior aspect of the penis

Epispadias repair

Which thermal method of hemostasis utilizes intense focused light


What is most common cause of intracerebral hemorrhage


The larynx is located between the

The pharynx and trachea

The most common cause of retinal detachment


What postoperative complication is associated with total hip arthroplasty

Pulmonary embolism

Which of the following is a type of passive drain


The vocal cords are located in the


What type of acquired immunity is a vaccination

Artificial active

When would the anesthesia provider request cricoid pressure

Endotracheal intubation

Which instrument would be used during a keratoplasty to remove the cornea


What is required minimum number of individuals to transfer an incapacitated patient from the or table to the stretcher


Which of the following regulations states that blood and body fluid should be considered infectious

Standard precautions

What is a major source of distress for toddler and preschool age patients being transported to the operating room

Separation anxiety

Otoplasty is performed to correct A congenital deformity of which structure


Which structure has oral nasal and laryngeal divisions facts


An injury a patient sustained as a result of care given by a healthcare professional is called


The highly vascular layer of the eye that absorbs light rays and nourishes the right now is the


According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs which of the following is a patient satisfied when she or he trusts the surgical team's ability


Which aneurysm usually develops between the renal and iliac arteries

Abdominal aortic

An agent used to flush an artery to prevent clotting is


What is the next step before reattachment of a severed-digit after debridement

Bone to bone fixation

What type of skin graft includes the epidermis and all of the dermis

Full thickness

Which muscle type is strated and voluntary