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An ___ knot range on the airspeed scale is always in view
____ 100 amp, tarnsformer rectifier units convert the AC supply to 28 volts DC and power the airplanes buses.
The ADG (Air Driven Generator) is automatically deployed if there is a complete _____ failure.
AC Power
The ADG is pushed into the airstream where ___ turns the turbine
Ram Air
The main generators are ____, 115 VAC, three phase, 400 HZ , integrated driver generators.
30 KVA
Power to the AC service bus is supplied directly from the ____ or the ____.
External Power receptacle / APU Generator
The AC Service bus is supplies power to those circuits mecessary for ____, without having to energize the remainer of the electrical system.
Ground Servicing Operations
The APU bleed air directly feeds the right side of the 10th stage manifold to feed the right pack.
False, The left pack
In case of failure of both packs, ____ can be used as the sole source of ventilation
Ram Air
The left pack primarily supplies the flight compartment ___% and supplements the flow to the passenger cabin ___%
In the air conditioning system the dual bypass valves modulate as necessary to blend bypassed hot air with cooled air cycle machine air to achieve the selected temperature.
Pack fault Light indicates a(an) ___ or ___ condition has been detected
Over pressure/Over temperature
If live cargo is being transported at high ambient temperatures, the cargo switch should be only be set to ___ after takeoff
The CPKT and CABIN temp control knobs adjust the temp setting for the related compartment
Rotation of the V/S pitch wheel changes the pitch reference value by ____ degrees per click.
The vertical takeoff mode generates a ____ degree pitch up flight director command. Loss of an engine limits the pitch up comment to ___ degrees.
Go-around mode generates a ___ degree pitch up command
Automatic switch over from IAS to Mach occurs when climbing through ___ feet 31,600 (AFM)
The square HDG push button on the FCP selects or deselects the heading mode.
When a pilot selects a HDG change > ____ degrees, the aircraft will initiate a roll in the direct of the selected heading change.
Aircraft limitations prohibit the use of ____ submode during approach (either FD or autopilot coupled)
Automatic transition to half-bank mode occurs when climbing above ___ feet (PA) or if the airplane is above half-bank transition altitude when the flight director is engaged
Half bank mode reduces the maximum command bank angle to ___ degrees
Traffic advisories (TA) indicate the relative positions of intruding airplanes that are about ___ seconds from the closest point of approach (CPA) and may require a later resolution advisory.
The TCAS resolution advisory programs are based on the pilot initiating the RA manuever within approximately ___ seconds
Pitch-Limit Indicator (PLI) (yelllow) displayed during wind shear warning or alert for a minimum of ___ seconds, it displays the maximum pitch attitude that can be made before encounting the stall angle-of-attack.
For aircraft equipped with Mach transducers, each Mach transducer supplies primary Mach compensation data to the ____ computer
stall protection
The radio altimeter provides absolute altitude in a range of 0 to ___ feet
The AUTO X FLOW INHIB - EICAS message will remain if the fueler leaves the power switch on the Refuel/Defuel control panel selected ON.
True, will be manual and not be able to do automatically.
The green low speed awareness indicator bar indicates ___ times the computed stall speed.