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The typical woman behind bars has a history of abuse and is incarcerated for low level drug or property offenses


The rate of HIV infection among state and federal prisoners has stabilized at around 2 percent


Most female inmates are women of color with small children


Conflict, violence, and brutality increase among inmates in direct relation to their housing security and custody level.


"Be sharp and don't be a sucker" is one element of the inmate social code


Congress enacted the prison rape reduction act in 2003 to reduce unwanted sexual advances on inmates by correctional officers


Homosexual men are the largest target population for sexual violence and assault in the male dominated, single gendered institutions


What is the most typical emotion felt by inmates during the early part of their prison stay?


In the "new" inmates culture;

A. There is more importation of outside values and norms
B. African American an Latino inmates are more organized than whites
C. More inmates than ever before are assigned to protective custody
D. All of the above

What is the most common outcome for children when a single mother is sent to prison?

They are places in the care of a relative or family friend.

The desire for warm stable relationships that are otherwise unobtainable in the prison environment often leads the female inmate to:

Create make-believe families

In adapting to a female institution a common practice is;

Self mutilation or carving

Which of the following statements is false about the effectiveness of parole?

The failure rate of parolees has dramatically decreased over the past ten years.

Which of the following factors has been linked to recidivism?

A. A history of physical and sexual abuse
B. Maintenance of criminal and peer association
C. Harboring of aggressive feelings
D. All of the above have been linked to recidivism

Female inmates often form groups called _____________ to cope with prison life

Make-believe families

Inmates with strong __________ have a better chance of making it on the outside.

Social Support

Ex inmates may also find that going straight is an ____________ impossibility