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What are the 5 C's

1. Community

2. Cooperation

3. Coordination

4. Communication

5. Coaching

5C's: Characteristics of Community

Makes sure every member of the team feels like an essential and important part of the team and the unit

5C's: Characteristics of Cooperation

1. Encourages the team concept by making sure everyone knows and understands the organization’s mission and purpose, which encourages a participative approach to meeting these objectives.

2. Ensures everyone has an opportunity to speak, to ask questions, and raise concerns .

3. Develops a greater sense of involvement in the organization’s direction

5C's: Characteristics of Coordination

1. Ensures all members realize how important they are to the mission.

2. Explains member responsibilities in detail and how their actions affect the organization’s success.

5C's: Characteristics of Communication

1, Proper communication ensures everyone is on the same page and working toward the shared goal.


5C's: Characteristics of Coaching

1. Creates a positive outlook for your personnel enabling your team to meet and even exceed their goals.

2. Training opportunities and advancement are two essential components that encourage and motivate members to grow and excel.

Briefly summarize the two parts of the Budget Execution Review (BER) process?

1. Identify, validate, and prioritize its unfunded requirements and then submit them to higher headquarters for funding consideration.

2. Review and prioritize (rack and stack) all subordinate command unfunded requirements.

What is the purpose of the Budget Execution Review (BER), and why is it important?

1. Redistribute funds to meet unfunded requirements based on priority. Identifies unforeseen or initially unanticipated mission-related expenses.

2. Reallocate funds to support other mission requirements in other locations throughout the wing.

3. Ensures prudent use of limited funds.

How would you describe the purpose and benefits of Financial Execution Plans (FEPs)?

1. Used to balance available funding. Associated with O&M funds.

2. Used by all levels of the organization.

3. Ensures funds provided by Presidential Budget are distributed in a manner that supports Air Force objectives.

4. Identifies and prioritizes current and next FY key requirements.

Define Position Power

The authority to make decisions and requests based on your position within the organization.

What are the 4 types of Position Power?





Define Personal Power

The extent to which followers respect, feel good about, are committed to their leader; and see their own goals being satisfied by the goals of their leader.

What are 4 types of Personal Power?




Systematic decision analysis forces you to stand back from the situation and evaluate what four components?

1. Decision Statement

2. Determine Objectives

3. Locate Alternatives

4. Risk Analysis

What purpose does the Decision Statement accomplish in the decision making process?

Determines your objectives and provides a specific level of success or resolution

Step 1 of the Eight-Step Problem Solving Process

Clarify and Validate the Problem OODA

Step 2 of the Eight-Step Problem Solving Process

Break Down the Problem/Identify Performance Gaps OODA

Step 3 of the Eight-Step Problem Solving Process

Set Improvement Targets OODA