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Delayed marriage
Cohabitation (+1/2 HH, more in Sweeden)
Dual-Career Families (DINK’s)
Divorce (4/10)
Smaller Families
house hold trends
individuals are active, stable, and enjoy hands-on or manual activities such as building, mechanics, machinery operation and athletics
individuals are analytical, intellectual and observant, and enjoy research, mathematical or scientific activities.
individuals are original, intuitive and imaginative, and enjoy creative activities such as composing or playing music, writing, drawing or painting, and acting in or directing stage productions.
individuals are humanistic, idealistic, responsible and concerned with the welfare of others. They enjoy participating in group activities and helping, training, caring for, counseling or developing others.
individuals are energetic, ambitious, adventurous, sociable and self-confident. They enjoy activities that require them to persuade others, such as sales, and seek out leadership roles
individuals are efficient, careful, conforming, organized, and conscientious. They are comfortable working within an established chain of command and prefer carrying out well-defined instructions over assuming leadership roles.
famous behaviorists that focus on the behavioral approach. ex. nurture
pavlov and skinner
what are the 5 approaches to studying personality?
Psychoanalytic Approach, Behavioral Approaches, Phemenological Approach, Social-Psychology Approach, Trait Theory Approach
enduring beliefs [that] a given behavior or outcome is desirable or good.”
materialism, home, work and play, individualism, family and children, health, hendoism, youth, the environment, technology,
values of western culture
is a trend in which more Americans own their own homes and spend more time there than in previous eras.
--------- consumers who prefer interdependence and social relationships.
------------ consumers tend to put more emphasis on individual freedom and assertiveness.
Allocentric, Indiocentric
Consumers are increasingly operating on the principle of ---------, or pleasure seeking, and desire products and services that simply make them feel good
A main characteristic of the different social classes is that
each one tends to hold values that differ from the other classes.
Marketers can identify groups of consumers who have a common set of values that are different from those in other groups, a process called----------.
Values can be useful in understanding just what attributes consumers within a market segment are likely to find important in a product and therefore what may motivate them to buy one brand over another.
value segmentation
“Patterns of behavior represented by consumers’ activities, interests, and opinions (AIOs)”
Lifestyles can be used to identify consumer segments for various offerings.
------------has important cross-cultural implications.
Lifestyle segmentation